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October's Paranormal romance characterfest + giveaway with Misty Evens

Welcome to Characterfest

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Misty Evans: Amy, since I know almost everything there is to know about you, I asked fans of the Witches Anonymous series to come up with questions for this interview. The first one comes from reader Michelle: What is the best thing and the worst thing about being a witch?

Amy Atwood: The best thing? Feeling the magic inside my chest beating like a second heart. Magic is so much a part of me, I can’t imagine life without it. The worst thing? Since I’m in Witches Anonymous, now, I can’t use my magic. But I still like knowing it’s there!

ME: Why did you join Witches Anonymous?
AA: I was Lucifer’s right-hand witch for seven years until I found him hexing it up with my sister, Emilia. A girl can only take so much and that pushed me beyond my limits. I broke up with him, swore off magic, and joined Witches Anonymous to keep me on the straight and narrow. I’m trying to be normal now.

ME: And how is that working for you?
AA: It sucks (but don’t tell my WA peers, ’kay?). I fall off the magic-free wagon ALL THE TIME. I’m terrible at being normal.

ME: What do you love most about being a witch?
AA: When I was practicing magic, my favorite part was spellwork. Transforming a wish into a spell, summoning Luc’s magic and mixing it with mine, performing rituals with him…oh, yeah, definitely spellwork.

ME: Here are a couple of questions from reader Christiana: What was the first thing you noticed about Luc? About Adam?
AA: The first thing I noticed about Luc was his voice. I was standing in the Louvre at the foot of the Venus di Milo statue and he came up behind me and said, “Ah, Aphrodite of Melos.” I turned around and there he was, all dark eyes and sexy swagger, and my heart and my magic both did a cha-cha in my chest.

As for Adam? I was attending my first Witches Anonymous meeting when he stumbled in, looking for a Harley meeting. Dressed in a tight t-shirt, loose jeans and a pair of boots, his intense brown eyes looked intelligent when his gaze locked with mine. And then his focus dropped to my mouth. It stayed there a second too long before returning to meet my eyes. Good think I was wearing my plum lip gloss.

ME: Reader Edie wants to really put you on the spot with this last question: Luc or Adam, which is better in bed?
AA: Guess everyone will have to read the books and find out!

The devil made Amy do it…what about you? What has the devil made you do? I’m giving away a copy of Witches Anonymous to one lucky commenter!

Misty’s bio:
Misty Evans writes the award-winning Super Agent series, Witches Anonymous series, and now her new Kali Sweet series. She likes her coffee black, her conspiracy stories juicy, and her wicked characters dressed in couture. Learn more about Misty and her books at Like her author page on Facebook or follow her on Twitter.

Misty is giving away a eCopy of Withes Anonymous. Please leave a comment or quesiton along with email

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