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Octobers paranormal romance characterfest with Gabrielle Bisset and giveaway !

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Please welcome Gabrielle and Vasilije to Bitten

Interview with Vasilije from Vampire Dreams

Thank you, Laurie, for inviting us to Bitten By Paranormal Romance today. My name is Gabrielle Bisset, and I’m here with Vasilije from Vampire Dreams.

Gabrielle: Vasilije, welcome.

Vasilije: How are you, Gabrielle? This is the perfect place for me, don’t you think? Bitten By Paranormal Romance sounds like somewhere I fit in very well.

Gabrielle: I’d say so. I haven’t seen you in a little while. You look different—you cut your hair. I like it.

Vasilije: (winks) You know me. I’m always up for something new...or an old friend who’s come to visit. I’ve been spending my time in New Orleans lately. What a city! The things a vampire can get into there...my mouth waters at the thought.

Gabrielle: You’re a bad boy, Vasilije. I hope you’ve been at least trying to behave yourself in The Big Easy.

Vasilije: That’s what I love about you, Gabrielle. You always set me up perfectly. The Big Easy? Mmmmmmm....I’d say it has been.

Gabrielle: I swear you have a one track mind! Are all vampires this way?

Vasilije: You mean sensual and interested in enjoying the pleasures of a woman’s flesh?

Gabrielle: (blushes) I guess, yes.

Vasilije: Are you blushing? I like a woman who blushes.

Gabrielle: (glares at him) Answer the question.

Vasilije: Yes, to answer your question, vampires are sensual beings. It’s one of the reasons humans find us so appealing. There are those vampires who fight their true nature, but I have no use for them. Why anyone tries to fight their nature is beyond me. What a fruitless effort.

Gabrielle: Is that all you are?

Vasilije: Of course not. I’m not a one trick pony, pet. Vampires are also quite deadly, especially when we’re angered.

Gabrielle: Have you been angered recently?

Vasilije: I did have a bit of a problem with a voodoo priestess. But that was settled.

Gabrielle: Settled?

Vasilije: (leans back in his chair and smiles) I drained her. Settled.

Gabrielle: Oh. (shifts uneasily in her chair) Okay, let’s talk about something else.

Vasilije: Anything you desire. I’m at your command, my dear.

Gabrielle: Why do I get the feeling whenever you say those words that, in fact, it’s the exact opposite?

Vasilije: (stares at her and licks his lips) Someday, Gabrielle. For now, I will be your servant in whatever you wish. What would you like to talk about?

Gabrielle: Why do you think vampires are so popular in romance?

Vasilije: (smiles) Going the safe route? Okay. Why are we so popular in romance? Because women want a man who knows how to please them, knows how to take their bodies places mere mortals simply can’t even imagine. As a vampire, I can make love to a woman better than any human man and when I sink my fangs into her, the feelings she experiences as I take from her while giving her what she desires are what her fantasies are made of.

Gabrielle: But can’t other paranormals do similar things?

Vasilije: When I take from a woman, every part of my mouth delivers what she wants. The mouth is a very sensual part of the body, and vampires focus on that. We like other parts of the body too, of course, but when I’m sucking the blood from a woman’s neck or wrist or anywhere else on her body, not only are my teeth involved, but my lips and tongue.

Gabrielle: You prefer drinking from one of the many vampires you’ve sired. Why is that?

Vasilije: I can feed from a human, but the blood is so much weaker. The minute a human becomes a vampire, their blood becomes so much richer. When I drink from one of my vampires, I get more of what I need. But the experience for me is the same sexually whether it’s a human or vampire.

Gabrielle: Is it always a sexual experience?

Vasilije: Yes. I mean, there are those psychopaths who drink from people and then murder them, but I don’t understand them at all. Why would I murder someone who’d given me such a gift? I’d rather make love to a woman than murder her. I may sire her, but that’s not death. That’s just a different kind of life.

Gabrielle: Okay. Now here are some questions readers have asked me. First, what nationality are you?

Vasilije: I’m Romanian by birth, but in truth, the answer to that question is, I’m vampire.

Gabrielle: And when were you born?

Vasilije: 1577.

Gabrielle: How many vampires have you sired?

Vasilije: Hundreds. If I took the time, I could give you an exact number, but for now, hundreds will do. I know where each one of them who still exists is, though. As their sire, a piece of me is in them wherever they go.

Gabrielle: And what about your sire? Can you tell me a little about him or her?

Vasilije: My sire is long gone, killed by hunters in the 1700s, so unlike most other vampires, I don’t have to worry about permission to do anything.

Gabrielle: Do vampires consume anything but blood?

Vasilije: Of course! I don’t know when, but somewhere along the way someone got confused and started to believe all we ever consume is blood. Drinking another’s blood nourishes our own blood, but food is necessary to exist.

Gabrielle: Is there any downside to being a vampire?

Vasilije: None. I’ve had the opportunity to live through centuries while humans live only for a fraction of time. I do as I like, ever since my sire was taken, and the world is mine for the taking.

Gabrielle: Do you find it lonely?

Vasilije: (leans forward to touch her leg) I think you worry about me, love. Would you like to do something to make sure I’m not lonely?

Gabrielle: (clears her throat) So other than the problem with the voodoo priestess, how has your time in New Orleans been?

Vasilije: (grins) I like this city, Gabrielle. The music, the food, the people. And the weather is so much nicer than London. I’m looking forward to Halloween in a few days. I expect it will be quite a good time.

Gabrielle: I think you may be right. In fact, I’m going to be in New Orleans in just two days, right before Halloween. I’m attending the Anne Rice Vampire Ball.

Vasilije: You’ve been holding out on me, pet. I would love to have you stay with me. We’d have a great time.

Gabrielle: I’m staying at a hotel, but I’m sure we’ll see each other while I’m there.

Vasilije: I wouldn’t allow you to leave my new city without spending time with you. Maybe this will be when we change from me serving you to you serving me.

Gabrielle: (smiles and chuckles) I never know whether to take you seriously or not, Vasilije.

Vasilije: (a dark look comes over his face) Definitely seriously, love. Anytime a vampire talks about making you his servant, he’s serious.

Gabrielle: Oh...well...thank you for talking with me today, Vasilije. I guess I’ll be seeing you in just a couple days.

Vasilije: I’ll be waiting.

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