Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quick Review Scandalous Desires by Elizabeth Hoyt

Title: Scandalous Desires (Maiden Lane #3)
Author: Elizabeth Hoyt
Source: I purchased
Genre: Historical romance
Format: Mass paperback
Release date: Oct 18, 2011

Can a pirate learn that the only true treasure lies in a woman's heart?

Widowed Silence Hollingbrook is impoverished, lovely, and kind—and nine months ago she made a horrible mistake. She went to a river pirate for help in saving her husband and in the process made a bargain that cost her her marriage. That night wounded her so terribly that she hides in the foundling home she helps run with her brother. Except now that same river pirate is back...and he's asking for her help.

"Charming" Mickey O'Connor is the most ruthless river pirate in London. Devastatingly handsome and fearsomely intelligent, he clawed his way up through London's criminal underworld. Mickey has no use for tender emotions like compassion and love, and he sees people as pawns to be manipulated. And yet he's never been able to forget the naive captain's wife who came to him for help and spent one memorable night in his bed...talking.

When his bastard baby girl was dumped in his lap—her mother having died—Mickey couldn't resist the Machiavellian urge to leave the baby on Silence's doorstep. The baby would be hidden from his enemies and he'd also bind Silence to him by her love for his daughter.

You have got to see this video. I laughed my butt off!!

Freaking awesome and the best book yet. I couldn’t believe the depth that Hoyt dug into in writing Mickey’s past, it was sad but yet you couldn’t help but admire how he came through it. You get an in-depth story, action, emotions and secrets. The thing you’ll have to wait on is the sex action because Silence is a strong in not obeying Mickey ever again but when it happens you get hit with a Bam! LOL.

Please don’t miss this book because you have to find out who the Ghost of St. Giles is. Oh yeah, the cat will be out of the bag and it will make you want the next book right then.. It’s killer… *crying* I WANT “THEIF OF SHADOWS” NOW!! LOL….

If you haven’t tried this series I have to ask, “Why in the heck not?” As a paranormal romance reader I am not a huge fan historical romance but I can’t get enough of this series. So put this one on your to buy list and then you can see how “charming” a pirate can be.

My suggestion read this series in order.

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