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October's Paranormal romance characterfest with Cynthia Eden and giveaway !

Welcome to Characterfest

Characterfest is a month long event where you’ll find a different character interviews written by the author each day. Each interview has a giveaway(s) make sure the giveaway is open to you and if so add a comment or question along with your email. I will close all giveaways at the end of the week and add the winners to the winners post on that Tuesday. Odds are if you won you’ll be hearing from me.

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Please welcome Cynthia Eden and her demon character Zane!

It’s Demon Time, baby!

Hi, everyone! It’s great to be at the Character Fest event (thanks so much to Laurie for inviting me over)! Today, I thought I’d turn the spotlight on one of my demon heroes. I’ve written about lots of paranormal characters—wolf shifters, vampires, and I’ve even got some angels coming up in a few months. But demons…well, those heroes can give a whole new meaning to the term, “Bad Boy.” So it’s time for me to turn the spotlight onto one of my bad boys, demon hybrid Zane Wynter from ETERNAL FLAME.
Cynthia: Zane, thanks for joining us!  Can you tell me, in one word, what’s it like to be a demon?

Zane: Freaking awesome. Hell, I’m feared by everyone and everything. What do you think it’s like?  

Cynthia: Um, yes, right. Next question. (By the way, Zane, your response contained way more than one word. Just sayin’…”) Ahem. You work for the Night Watch Agency, a bounty hunting group that tracks paranormal criminals. Do you find it odd that you spend your nights hunting your own kind?
Zane: Not really.  Someone has to kick-ass.

Cynthia: Someone does—true.  Demons have lots of powers. They can control fire, manipulate minds, use glamour…what’s your favorite power?
Zane:  I’m not exactly your average demon.  So my favorite skill? Yeah, that would be my ability to level a city block…when the mood hits.

Cynthia: I hope that mood doesn’t hit too often.

Zane: You’d be surprised.

Cynthia: Back to the questions.  In ETERNAL FLAME, you hook up with an Ignitor named Jana—

Zane: Define “hook up”—cause, you know, I’m not exactly in high school here.

Cynthia: Okay, fine. You and Jana get hot and heavy fast.
Zane: We kind of have to. She’s an Ignitor—that means she burns things, a lot of things.  If I’m not there to help her control the fire, then she’d be accidentally killing humans.  Can’t have that, can we?
Cynthia: No, we can’t.  But back to Jana…the woman’s a wanted criminal.  You catch criminals. Why did you decide to run off with her?
Zane: What can I say? The woman was hot. I like hot. It’s a demon thing.

Cynthia: Seriously?

Zane: Yep.

Cynthia: Sigh. Anything else you want to add?
Zane:   Yeah, my kind gets a bad rap.  We’re not all murdering jerks. Some of us—some—can actually be heroes. 
Cynthia: Just not the perfect white knight heroes.
Zane: Who wants those guys? BORING. With me, I promise non-stop excitement.

Zane is big into promises.  But he does pull off being a hero (or anti-hero) in my novel, ETERNAL FLAME.  If you’ve got a question for Zane (or me!), ask away.  One commenter will win a copy of ETERNAL FLAME (or, if the winner has already read that book—then any Cynthia Eden book of his/her choice).  Thanks for checking out the interview! Please make sure you leave your email!!

Cynthia Eden

ANGEL OF DARKNESS—Available 11/29/11 from Kensington Brava
When angels fall, all hell breaks loose…

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