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October's Paranormal romance characterfest with Brindle Chase and giveaway !

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Dark is the Night and darker is Alexander, the hero thereof…
By Brindle Chase

When we ask about Vampires, several names come to mind right away. Dracula of course, Lestat, Carmilla and more recently, Edward, Bill or Stephan, just to name a few. But since Dracula and Lestat, vampires have been increasingly portrayed as poor misunderstood pretty boys. So, meet Alexander, from book one of the Dark Justice series by yours truly.

Brindle Chase: What’s your take on the sparkling, do-gooder vampires getting all the limelight these days?

Alexander: I care not by any distinction. So long as these pathetic dredges stay clear of my territory, I’ve no reason to pass judgment on them.

Brindle Chase: But you would, if they crossed you?

Alexander: Vampire or not, crossing me would be most unwise. Be that as it may, in answer to your query, these whelps wouldn’t know how to deal with a real vampire. Their practice of clinging to their human pasts and sympathy for weaker species has softened them.

Brindle Chase: But they are still dangerous.

Alexander: To you. To mortals. Yes, quite.

Brindle Chase: But not to you?

Alexander: There is a saying that goes along the lines of Age and Treachery will trample youth and enthusiasm any day of the week. I am both very old and very treacherous. My kind of savagery is not something they are accustomed too, nor able to endure.

Brindle Chase: Give us an example.

Alexander: If I must spell it out, so be it. In your portrayal of my meeting of my beloved Katherine, there were two unsavory humans who presented her with a threat. They wished unspeakable, heinous crimes upon her body. For this, I shredded them. Their deaths came slow and horribly agonizing as I chopped small chunks of their bodies, piece by piece, until I could no longer keep them from bleeding out. In the book Twilight, the character Edward learns of several mortal men wishing the same disgusting transgressions upon his love. Unlike me, he glowered at them, and begged her to distract him from unleashing his rage, which no doubt would’ve amounted to little more than temporarily blinding the offenders with his sparkling skin. I would have slaughtered them, slow and without mercy for their prolonged agony.

Brindle Chase: Yes, I see the difference. Clearly, killing someone doesn’t bother you.

Alexander: Does the leopard regret killing the gazelle? We are predators. We are thee predators. Unchallenged and supreme. But if by bother, you imply remorse or even melancholy, then yes. I sometimes regret killing. If I kill, it is for sustenance or defense of what is mine. Its not something I outrightly enjoy.

Brindle Chase: So Justice is yours to dispense? No judge, no jury?

Alexander: Yes.

Brindle Chase: Alrighty then. Another difference I noticed about you, is that you don’t feed off of animals, or drink blood from a bag or even synthetic blood in a can.

Alexander: If these vampires you mention wonder why they are weak, you just bespoke the cause. There is no replacement for warm, fresh, human blood. But it goes deeper. Again, I refer to the leopard. If you bring it steaks, all it can eat, it will live… for awhile. Slowly it will wither. It needs the hunt to truly be alive. It needs the chase, the hunt, the kill and finally the nourishment it brings. We are the same.

Brindle Chase: Ok, I think we get the idea about killing. Freddy Kruger’s got nothing on you. So one last question. Love. You killed for Katherine without hesitation. Is there nothing you would not do for love?

Alexander: There is not one thing. If everyone embraced the truth of love, neither would they.

Brindle Chase: But then wouldn’t everyone go around killing each other every time someone offended their lover?

Alexander: Unlikely. If you truly love someone, it’s quite difficult to find time or motivation to spend offending another’s lover. As your pointed out, those men I killed, had they loved someone so deeply as I love Katherine, they would never have schemed their sick and twisted plot to rape her. Thusly, I would have had little cause or desire to slay them. Let alone, torture them as sadistically as I could possibly architect.

Brindle Chase: An interesting take on it for sure. Well, thank you for answering my questions and not killing me. I look forward to writing your exploits in book two of the Dark Justice series.

If you haven’t read Dark is the Night, fair warning. It is very dark and very erotic. Despite the raves from the critics and all the 4 and 5 star reviews, if Twilight is your kind of vampire, Alexander will terrify you and probably melt your panties as well.

Available now for the Kindle, the Nook and in print

Brindle is giveaway 3 PDF copies of Dark is the Night to those who leave a comment or ask a question. International 

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