Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guest author Misty Burke with giveaway!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be visiting with you on Bitten by Paranormal Romance.

I wanted to talk to you today about eternal love. For even though Valentine’s Day is past us now, the fairy tale love it represents still lingers on throughout the year. It’s that prince in shining armor little girls dream of. It’s the man riding in on his white horse to save the day.
The chocolates (that have long since been eaten), the flowers (which have wilted away), and the cards (that have been misplaced somewhere) are all just a glimmer of the romance we truly desire. What we really want, what we really crave, is for our fairy tale to come true.
My latest book, The Genie of the Portrait, is about that kind of fairy tale love. My heroine has been plagued with a bad boyfriend that we can all relate too … but she finds a Genie who can change everything. All she has to do is make a wish.

Here is a little teaser –
Amanda had always been forgiving, until the night of her engagement. It was at that moment, when she found her new fiancé banging the waitress in the bathroom, that she changed. Never again. Men were not going to use her ever again.

So when she found William’s portrait and learned that his whole purpose for existing was to let her use him, an electrifying relationship resulted. This genie offered her three nights of pleasure. And Amanda quickly realized she wanted more.

What do you wish for? What is the fairy tale that is locked in your own heart? I would like to give an ebook copy of The Genie of the Portrait to one lucky person who participates in this “Post your wish” contest. So please post and share your idea of eternal love.
            A Little About Me –
I live in the Romantic Ozark Mountains with my supportive husband, our four wonderful children, and two rambunctious pugs. When I'm not enjoying family time, I love to write paranormal romances. Creating exciting fantasy worlds filled with dangerously handsome heroes, is one of my passions.

My website  http://www.mistyburke.com
The Genie of the Portrait is available through Evernight Publishing. Their website is http://www.evernightpublishing.com/

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