Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ohh La La...Caught In A Bad Romance

So, here's the video Cynthia posted a few months back. I know some of you have already seen th,is but for those who haven't enjoy!

Ohh La La...Caught In A Bad Romance
Paul Marron

Today, I'm taking liberties, even though I'm the new chick on the block. Maybe because I am the new chick on the block! There are times when I've found it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission.

After all, I know why we're all here. any shape and form.
It doesn't matter what your choice of heroin is: paranormal, historical, contemporary, erotica, or suspense. My addiction; all of the above. Print or e-books; I have both. Although, my e-reader is fairly new, and I am still getting acquainted with it. There is one problem I have with e-books. I cannot pet, covet, salivate, or muse over the many scrumptious book covers if they are on my e-reader!

Pay attention, very close attention to the video. How many of these books do you have in print? Or are they on your e-reader?
Mine are in print....

Where is Lover Avenged......

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