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October's Paranormal romance characterfest with Regan Hastings

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Interview with Teresa Santiago- Witch

Teresa Santiago is the witch heroine of VISIONS OF SKYFIRE, the second book in The Awakening, a series of dark paranormal romances from author Regan Hastings, the alter ego of USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child. This interview takes place one week before Teresa’s powers Awaken and VISIONS OF SKYFIRE begins…

REPORTER: Thank you for agreeing to speak with us. Not many women are brave enough these days to admit that they’re witches.

TERESA: You’re not recording this, are you? I was told there would be no recording devices.

REPORTER: No, I assure you, there are no hidden cameras, no microphones. Just me and old-fashioned paper and pencil. I will protect your anonymity. In the article, you will be referred to only as The Witch.

TERESA: Sorry, I have to insist that you open your jacket. (She checks the reporter for recording devices, finds none.) Can’t be too careful. The Bureau of Witchcraft has operatives everywhere, not to mention the most powerful weapons the world has ever known. Some of the stories coming out of the witches’ internment camps are horrific. The lucky witches are the ones who are killed outright. The ones who have to suffer through the experiments… (Teresa shudders.) And it all stems from ignorance.

REPORTER: That’s why we’re here today, to help our readers understand that not all witches are evil. When did you discover that you’re a witch?

TERESA: I come from a long line of witches. Ever since I was a little girl, my abuela has been preparing me for the day my powers would Awaken.

REPORTER: And have they? Awakened?

TERESA: Not yet, but my time is coming. I can feel it. Weird things have started to happen around me. Light bulbs explode when I walk through a room. TVs turn on, computers crash. I think my powers will have something to do with electricity. If you had brought recording devices, they probably wouldn’t work, anyway.

REPORTER: That sounds dangerous, but you say people shouldn’t fear you. Why?

TERESA: Because I don’t want to hurt anyone. In fact, Abuela says that I’m going to save humanity. Well, me and the other witches whose powers are Awakening. Humanity can’t stop the evil that’s coming. You need the witches you’re trying to kill.

REPORTER: (Silent as she absorbs that, then she pastes a cheery smile on her pale face.) So… what’s dating like for a witch?

TERESA: (Laughs.) I’m not looking for a relationship. Just getting over a bad break-up. Anyway, once my powers Awaken, my Eternal will show himself, and that’ll be that.

REPORTER: Your Eternal?

TERESA: Sorry, my mate. Another destiny thing, according to Abuela. He’s my guardian, my protector, and he’s going to help me save the world.

REPORTER: That’s so romantic!

TERESA: Like I said, I’m not looking for romance… but I’ve got nothing against hooking up! From what I hear, the Eternals are wickedly good looking, with the bodies like a god.

REPORTER: Nothing wrong with that!

TERESA: Not a thing… as long as he doesn’t expect me to fall in love.

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