Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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If you found us then you already know we must have some things in common! Hopefully it's the excitement from finding and reading a great Paranormal Romance!

Thanks for visiting our site. Our names are Laurie and Stacey and we are two moms that recently found the love and excitement for reading again through Paranormal Romance books. We first met through Goodreads, which is a wonderful site by the way, and realized that we have a lot book genres in common. After talking back and forth for a while, we decided we wanted to share our love for books with others. You guessed it, PNR and Erotic are the favorites! However, we do read Urban Fantasy from to time. Our perfect book has wonderful loves scenes or just good sex whether it is PNR or Erotic, but the important thing to both of us is the couples stay together in the end! Between the two of us we have read multiple varieties of romance from historical to futuristic, so there may be a book or two on our site that isn't always paranormal. For the most part we will be sticking to PNR, Erotic and some Urban Fantasy.

We offer you our honest feedback of the books we read. We can not guarantee a outstanding review, but we are fair in all, even though we dont like it.

If you have a particular book you are considering send us an email anytime. It may be something we haven't posted a review for yet, or it might the perfect book we've been missing.

If you are an author and would like to send one of us your novel to be reviewed, you can contact either one of us.

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