Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Take A Bow-- Some End of the Year Awards

What is it about a little patch of pixels that can make me feel so good about myself for days? It's just a tiny blog badge, but it instills me with pride and comfort. (You like me, you really LIKE me!) So I'd like to give a big, heartfelt thanks to Elana J. and Julie Dao for thinking of me.

The specifics of the "From Me to You" award entreat me to reveal seven facts about myself, and choose seven worthy recipients. I'll try to make these fun:

1. My sister made me get up at four A.M. the Christmas I was six, so she wouldn't get in trouble by herself. The sight of that Barbie Dreamhouse made everything worth it. Ah, to be six again!

2. My parents always told us not to eat the candy canes off the tree before Christmas, but I'd take one with me on the school bus almost every morning and never fessed up. What can I say-- I needed my peppermint fix.

3. This year I got my husband The State DVD collection. He's been wanting it since it was just a rumor, and now it's his. There will be much rejoicing in our little shotgun.

4. I just started watching Mad Men and I won't be friends with any of you until you start watching it. ;) Oh, Peggy! When will you learn?

5. Sawyer is definitely the best character on Lost. What, that one wasn't about me? Sure it is.

6. I will watch Waterworld any time it is on. So will my husband. It's the glue that binds our relationship together.

7. I hate coffee. Will not drink it. I don't even like tiramisu that much because I don't like the coffee flavor. I'm a tea drinker. Mmm. I'm fixing to get me a hot chai latte here in a few minutes.

I'd like to pass this award on to:

1. Jennifer Shirk
2. Sherrinda
3. Voidwalker
4. Shannon M.
5. LiLa
6. Corey S.
7. Heather Z.

From Me, To Y'all! ;)

As for Julie's award-- which matches her blog-- I'm passing it on to these five bloggers, in the hopes that they, too, will pass on the Silver Lining to five others:

1. Icy Roses
2. Karen Denise
3. Suzanne Hayes
4. Rebecca Knight
5. Abby Annis

You all have helped me see the silver lining where all I saw was gray, so thank you!

I'll be back January 2nd, for the "No-Kiss" Blogfest! Don't forget to sign up!

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