Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Shoot to Thrill

Title:Shoot to Thrill
The first book in the series, Passion For Danger
Author:Nina Bruhns
Laurie's: 5/5

Do this last mission and we'll tear up your contract." Kick Jackson, former CIA spy, has heard that one before. However, this time saying no isn't an option. Only he can identify a terrorist and stop a bloodbath - and Kick's conscience won't let him walk away. But one woman has the power to save him...

Nurse Rainie Martin wants to run like hell when Kick kidnaps her, but how can she abandon a wounded hero? Thrown into a deadly international game, Rainie soon realizes the gorgeous rogue operator has sent her orderedly life spinning out of control. To survive she'll have to face her worst fears ... including a lethal attraction to her captor.

From the glitter of New York to the desolate sands of the Sahara, this unlikely couple must battle to stay alive, while finding the courage to trust again - and even scarier, to open their hearts...

Laurie's review:

Wow!! what a book..This being my first romantic suspense it was awesome. It has it all action, blood, romance and great sex.. You cant miss out one this one..

Rainie is great with her hang ups she still has the heart to take anything on and she does it scared to death but at the same time she has the courage to do it.. Kick is just right for her..

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