Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Who Do You Think You Are, Mr. America?"

Here it is, folks -- the backlash! In Young Love #95 (May 1972) DC's editorial staff (Dorothy Woolfolk for this one) made the following announcement:

I love it! Letters telling Marc to shove it! How very democratic! We have everything from "I'll bet your feet smell" to "I'll find some way to SUE you for slander!" Bet you didn't think things got this heated in the letter columns of romance books! See for yourself!

On the flipside though, there were a few readers who "REALLY LIKE MARC!" Their sentiments range from the simple "I'm against Women's Lib" to an outspoken young lady who didn't want to be a "liberated, bra-less, unmarried crackpot!"

So there it is! The female reaction to Marc and his advice! I actually find the last little remark by the editors rather telling. In it they write, "Do you understand what the Women's Movement is? Would you like us to print more letters and articles about it?" It seems as if they were using the character of Marc to work in the concepts of the Women's Movement and gauge reader interest. Pretty smooth!

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