Friday, December 18, 2009

Beth's Book Giveaway!

Beth Revis at Writing it Out has some great news-- she has an AGENT! Merrilee Heifetz of Writer's House, yes, you heard me, Writer's House. Yay, Beth!

So she's having an amazing giveaway on her blog, where you could win one of the books (or the movie Serenity, or a gift certificate) that influenced her as a writer.

Now that I have an agent, I want to honor these works that taught me so very much. In order to do that, I'd like to share them with you all! Below is an entry form for a contest I'm going to be holding from now until the New Year. You can select any of the books (or movie) listed above--or, if you don't share my tastes, you can just get a $10 Amazon (or IndieBound or Borders or WalMart or whatever) giftcard and buy whatever it is that you want most or didn't get for the holidays.

So join in the celebration with Beth, and check out the Bookshelf on her homepage. Full of wonderful recommendations if you're stuck on what book to read next. Thanks, Beth!

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