Friday, December 25, 2009

Drawn into Darkness

Title: Drawn into Darkness
The first book in the a soul Gatherer Novel
Author: Annette McCleave
My rating 2/5

Book Summary
Lachlan MacGregor looks like a rather hunky priest, but the 400-year-old undead hero of McCleave's entertaining paranormal romance debut is actually serving penance by gathering souls destined for Heaven, saving them from demons. He also keeps an eye on Emily, the superpowered 14-year-old daughter of his downstairs neighbor, artist Rachel Lewis. Rachel is shocked by her instantaneous attraction to a man of the cloth, but Lachlan's happy to act on their chemistry in between supernatural battles. Swords flash, spells are cast, and twist and turns come head-spinningly quickly, but Rachel is game for anything as long as she can save her daughter and find true love. Readers will hope for sequels in which Emily grows up to be as feisty as Rachel and as powerful as Lachlan

My Review
I have tied to read this twice but never could really get into this book.

I think McCleave did great in creating the Soul Gatherers, plus the whole good and evil but, I thought the story took a little to long to get to the point. I really didn't care for Emily at first mostly because of her attitude. I also didn't care for the sex scenes its was cheesy in how they went about it.

I will try the next book it's hard to judge the whole series by the first book.

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