Monday, December 14, 2009

Tu Publishing Fundraiser a Success!

Wow! Just, wow! It's been a great weekend (Saints are 13-0, woot!) I got some wonderful news in an email this morning from a friend, and another email from Tu Publishing! Check out my earlier post on this fledgling imprint here. I'd like to share a message from Stacy Whitman:

We made it!

I (Stacy Whitman) just woke up to see that our Kickstarter has been fully funded with 11 hours to go. You guys, I’m speechless. I went to bed knowing we had $2000 left to go, and wondering if we’d make it.


So, a big thank you to everyone who made this happen: All the people who tweeted, blogged, and shared on Facebook about it; all the people who participated in the auction; and especially all the people who pledged. We’ll officially be open for submissions from writers come Jan. 1 because WE MET THE GOAL!

For you writers: keep an eye on the Tu Publishing blog where we’ll be posting official submission guidelines in the next few days!

The project is still open for another 11 hours, so we won't be able to declare "official" success until we cross the finish line, but I'm sure we'll make it!

Thanks so much to everyone who helped make this dream a reality!

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