Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chocolate for Inspiration: Holiday Giveaway!

Whew! The Messiah is over-- I ought to be REAALLLYY good at it by next year ;) -- and I'm still alive. I also got new contacts today, so I'm ready to get cracking on my new chapters (once I'm finished catching up with the last three episodes of Monk OnDemand, got to take my contacts for a test-ride, ya know!). In other wonderful news, okay, who am I kidding, this is much better news than everything that's been happening to me, Christina has an amazing giveaway on her blog.

for Inspiration: Holiday Giveaway!
: "Why is this the most wonderful time of
the year? Yep. You guessed it. I'm giving away a MASSIVE stack of books to you-
my fellow bloggers!

This Christmas holiday, I want to add a little
sparkle and fun to your holidays. I'm giving away three huge stacks of books in
the categories of paperback mysteries, paperback girl fun, and hardbacks."

So head on over to Christina's, to see the books you could win!

Happy Holidays!

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