Saturday, December 19, 2009

Title; Making Chase
This is the fourth book in the series
Author; Lauren Dane
My rating 5/5


Matt is an expert and the Chase is on. Tate doesn't stand a chance. Book Four In the Chase Brothers Series. Tate Murphy is a girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She grew up a million miles away from the easy life Matt Chase has had. She's spent her life pulling herself and her siblings up and out of that trailer by the railroad tracks and she hasn't looked back. Matt Chase is a dream of a guy and she's certainly not going to turn down a short fling with one of the most handsome men she's ever seen! Matt Chase has watched each one of his brothers find love and he knows he's ready for that too. It's all a matter of finding the woman who captures his heart. He's certainly sampled his fair share of them but none has moved him the way Tate Murphy does when he goes to her shop to thank her for some cookies and a thank you note. But as Matt gets to know Tate and appreciate her strength and unique beauty, he also realizes she's got some big self esteem issues about her past. To build a future, he's got to find a way past some big road blocks. Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, some violence. [close]

My Review

I have to say Dane has made my favorite author list, I know these are erotic books but Dane's books are different they are not just full of sex like most erotic, you'll find romance in these books and great story lines. When there is sex its great and tasteful.

This is a great series you get close to the whole Chase family, each book each book comes with a different emotion you'll find yourself falling in love with the mother of these boys Polly and wish you had one like her.

This one is the first book out of all the books I have read over the last year that made me cry I'm not one for crying emotion here, but Dane writes Tate so well its like you can feel what she went through you don't get that much in a book..

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