Thursday, January 21, 2010

About/contact and rating system

I am a married homeschool mom that loves to play Sims 3 @ 3 on my PC and baking. I found a love for reading again after Twilight. I found YA wasn’t doing it for me when I read my first Dark-Hunters book, I haven’t looked back;) I love to read and share what I find exciting about books.

I started doing reviews on goodreads, then started my own blog. Now I get to meet others with my addiction. My grammar may not always be correct or spelling perfect. One downside to dyslexia is you tend to put a letter where it shouldn’t be LOL. My wonderful husband or daughter helps look over my reviews when I am done, so blame them if its wrong LOL. Anyway the fun is to read and share what you read, so others can have fun also.

Genres I read:
Paranormal romance
Erotic all genres as long as there is romance. I especially love M/F/M. I can do light BDSM and D/S. What I don’t like is M/M F/F.
Contemporary romance
Romantic Suspense
Historical romance
Mystery romance
Some Urban Fantasy I do like the main character to say with one partner
I like to stick with HEA and romance.

I love doing reviews. I try to give my honest option of the books I read. If I don’t like a book I still try to be fair in the review. I know authors work hard in writing theses books and I may not like something where someone else may, I keep this in my mind in each review.

If you are an author and would like for me to review your book or ebook please contact me. I will get to you as soon as I can.

I also do interviews and guest post if this is something you maybe interested in please contact me and we will go from there. I do like to stick with the genres I read, it makes it a little easer to get the questions up.

I don’t sell or giveaway any ARC copies.
All books are reviewed and purchased by me unless stated otherwise

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