Saturday, January 9, 2010

Review: Naked Dragon

Title: Naked Dragon
Author: Annette Blair
Mass paperback 302pgs.
Laurie's Rating 4/5

Book summary
The Works Like Magick Employment Agency has a reputation for perfectly matching clients with magical temps. So when McKenna Greylock requests a handyman, the gorgeous Bastian Dragonelli arrives to repair her B&B...and fire up her bedroom.

Laurie's review:

Annette Blair has an unique writing style, her books are full of humor, magic, animals (cats mostly), and romance.

What would you do when you hire a handyman, then find him in your basement destroying your B&B foundation? Well, you have to read to she what McKenna does…

****very few spoilers below****

This book was really good.. Both McKenna and Bastian has there own body problems to over come with each other, I will say Bastian has the biggest because its his manhood!! I have never read anything like it..

The story line was different, it can get a little confusing at first but remember Bastian has not been on earth for a while so it takes him a little to catch up on the new language terms..

Annette also brings in someone form her past book..

Over all if you looking for a fun romance with a little mystery this one is a good easy read..

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