Thursday, January 28, 2010

Review: My Sister is a Werewolf by Kathy Love

My Sister is a Werewolf (book four in the Young brothers)
Author: Kathy Love
Paperback 280pgs.
Kathy Love website

Book summary:

Elizabeth Young's brothers think they have it rough as vampires? Ha! Two words for them: unwanted hair. What werewolf Elizabeth craves is a normal life with a husband, kids, and less shaving. Unfortunately the vaccine she's researched isn't working yet. Worse, she's in heat—and soon every dangerous wolf pack for miles around will be at her door. To buy time, she needs to have sex, and often, with the first human male she can find

Veterinarian Jensen Adler just meant to drown his sorrows, until a stunning, leather-clad brunette made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Now he's caught up in something really weird, definitely dangerous, and, okay, extremely hot. So his new girlfriend's hiding something (and she's a little freaky about the moon), but Jensen knows true love when he feels it, and this time, he's not giving upno matter how hairy things get.

Laurie's rating 4/5
Sexual Mild very nice
Paranormal, Werewolf
Laurie's review:

This is the fourth book to the Young brother series. I kept putting this book off because of the low rating, but I really enjoyed the story. I loved Jensen, he fell in love in high school and the passing of his love left him empty until he seen Elizabeth in a bar and gave her a ride home, the passion that they found this night could not keep them apart long. Elizabeth is great she comes with a past and mate she has not seen in years, that she is in need to get rid of.. I love the scene it take place in the town where two of her vampire brothers and their wives lives, so they are in the book also. This is a fun, easy read book with excitement and great romance.

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