Thursday, January 14, 2010

Review Policy

Here at Bitten by Paranormal Romance (BBPR), we believe in paranormal Happy Ever After! We don't do the sparkle vampires, oh no, we like them hard in all kinds of way, LOL. Hello, my name is Laurie. I am a mom that loves to read. I started this blog in 2009 not knowing in my wildest dreams that it would ever grow so fast. With the new growth, I now have added help aboard the Bitten Wolf Pack; you can find a little bit about them by clicking here. All review requests comes to me and I send them out to the right reviewer. As of guest post or interviews Only Laurie (emails from BittenByParanormalRomance at gmail dot com), WildAboutBones (emails from WildAboutBones at gmail dot com) and Cynthia (emails from at gmail dot com) are authorized to solicit interviews, giveaways and guest posts on behalf of". I do not associate my blogs name with book clubs or individuals that are not associated with my blog.

This is an 18 and over blog.  We read paranormal romance books with some steamy sex in them, so please keep this in mind when sending your review.

BBPR accepts: Erotic romance authors, Self-published authors and novellas, but your book must be at least 50 pages.

We are all careful about our reviews because we know authors work hard writing their books.  Keeping in mind even if we don’t care for a book someone else will. We give our honest opinion in reviewing your book. We also do our best to not spoil a book and if there are some spoilers we warn first.

What we read: Paranormal romance and erotic romance either way they come it can be historical or suspense paranormal etc..  Just please make sure your book is romance and not just a sex book. 

If you are an erotic romance author sending a request for a book with ménage partners, please tell me what kind of sex partners that are in the book, like F/M/F etc. Below is a list what we read, so you can kind of get a time line in your head on how long the wait will be on reviews.
M/F/M I along with 5 other reviewers will read this.  
F/F NONE unless it’s a small part and can be skipped, then there’s 3 of us
M/M  2 reviewers will read this
M/M/F 2 reviewers will read this
F/F/M 2 reviewers will read this
BDSM 2 reviewers will read this
Light BDSM all
D/S all

What we do not review:  paranormal romance teen, young adult, urban fantasy.  If we get any and read them it will be rejected. Period. 

We reserve the right to refuse submissions as we see fit. I have to state this because sometimes no matter how good the blurb sounds, we may not like it enough to finish it.  Therefore, it will not get posted and it will be rejected.

Book submission does not guarantee a review. If you send a book and we choose not to review the material, the book will not be returned.

No reviews will be pulled from this blog once it’s on the blog.  Period.

When a review is finished the reviewer or I myself try to get out an email notification to the author and publisher but at times either of us can miss them, so just try to keep a lookout for your review.  

Time frame for your review to show up on the blog will be around 1 month but it can take longer when we are covered up. I myself do make sure they get on the blog if I accept it. If it's a book we cannot finish I will let you know.

If you want a specific reviewer for your book, please let me know when you request your review.

Formats accepted: PDFs and paperback are fine. Some of us have kindles and others have nooks.  If you can provide a copy for these devices please let me know.   It is much easier reading from an e-reader than a computer.;)

All review will be posted on. You can find these here
Bitten by paranormal romance
Bitten's twitter and facebook
My goodreads and the reviewers goodreads
I also post reviews on amazon, but you the author will have to let me know to add it on there.

We don’t share digital copies or sell them, same goes for ARC copies. I do like to keep a copy of your book just in case something happens and the reviewer and they can't get to your book.

Important:  When you email me, you have to add in the subject that you read the review policy or I will reject it. Sorry, I am getting to many requests that are not romance. If your an returning author you can disregard this message and send your book. 

Other things Bitten offers authors
You can find my guest post and giveaway requirements/policy on the left sidebar under Authors links corner; along with other items.

Promo book giveaways information is here

Authors are welcome to look on the left sidebar on top where you'll find the Author Links corner. You can find out more information for Giveaways, etc. and things going on here at BBPR. Also, I have an authors newsletters set up so if you'd like to get a newsletter of up coming events to join in your more then welcome to join the newsletter. 

Bitten offer a She-wolf pack Thursday's for more information click here.

I send out newsletter to authors for events that I am hosting. If you want to participate please sing up. This way I don't have to email you for each event. You can find the gadget under the authors corner. 

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Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.

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