Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home is Where the ♥ is

Ever wonder where your favorite DC romance comic book characters live? Wonder no more! Sequential Crush presents for your viewing pleasure, a tour of their homes!

From "The Most Wonderful Boy in the World"
Young Romance #150 (October/November 1967)

Little does Joan know, her new apartment in
Greenwich Village doesn't have a closet!

From "The Love That Was Mine"
Young Romance #151 (December/January 1967)

Nice coffee table!

From "Don't Pity Me -- Love Me!"
Falling in Love #108 (July 1969)

This groovy pad is wheelchair accessible!

From "Please, Please, Don't Tell Him About Me!"
Falling in Love #113 (February 1970)

Are you sure you don't want to kick Clarisse because
she forgot to water the houseplants while you were out of town?

From "Bachelor Girl!"
Falling in Love #117 (August 1970)

Sweet freedom!
(Don't let Clarisse near that plant, by the way!)

From "Hide My Past, My Heart"
Falling in Love #120 (January 1971)

"It is lovely honey, but I think the place could use
a tad more green!"

From "Heavy Date!
Girls' Love Stories #165 (January 1972)

Creepy clown painting alert!

From "Last Fling!"
Falling in Love #135 (August 1972)

Eviction stinks!
Be sure to pack that awesome chair!

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed this rendezvous through our favorite gals' humble abodes! Have a most wonderful remainder of the weekend!

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