Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tere SMART! S-M-R-T! Wait...

Okay, maybe I'm not that smart, but my new phone is!

Yes, I'm getting all worked up about my new phone, but if you'd been living with a "dumb" phone for as long as I have, you'd be excited, too. I can check my EMAIL on the effing thing, y'all! And once I figure out how to synch it with my pc, I'll be able to store a bunch of music on it, too. (no, I don't have an iPod, either. Maybe now you're understanding all the hoopla.)

And I don't have to press the same button three (or like 12 if I go too fast and skip the letter I want, lol) times to write a text. I hated that. Plus the camera on this puppy is much better than my old one, so I'll be experimenting with that, too. It's a Samsung Instinct, in case anyone was wondering.

In other, non-phone related news, I am almost done with the new chapters I'm adding to the middle of Mara's story. Not only do I think I've gone a long way towards adding to the overall mood of the novel, characterization, the plot and the level of intrigue have also improved. So after I do one final sweep of the entire manuscript, I'll be shamelessly soliciting beta readers. My goal is February 1st-- that way, I'll be done before carnival gets insane.

Yes, that's right people, it's CARNIVAL TIME! I just had my first slice of king cake-- and no, I didn't get the baby, thank goodness, or I'd have to buy the next one. That's what the picture above is of, in case you can't tell. Stood outside last night in the freezing cold (literally, this time, it really was only 32 degrees, y'all! Brrr.) to watch the Phunny Phorty Phellows roll on Twelfth Night, a tradition since the 1870s. Or the 1990's, if you want to get technical. ;) I do love carnival-- and I even wrote a carnival scene into EVANGELINE-- but I definitely feel all Mardi Grased out by the time Fat Tuesday rolls around.

Actually, Mardi Gras is so early again this year, February 16th, that it's gonna be as cold as a witch's you-know-what. If I don't have a Mardi Gras cold this year, it'll be the first time in like three years. And lucky me, my husband's 17 year olf nephew is coming down to stay with us, in our half shotgun, for 9 days. NINE days with a teenager. Please don't anyone tell me this will be good research or I may shoot you.

Anyone want to buy me a ticket to Rio instead? ;)

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