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Guest erotic author Tina Folsom and giveaways one open for International

Please give a warm welcome to author Tina Folsom!

Scanguards Vampires: Bodyguards with Issues

I started writing the first book in the series, Samson’s Lovely Mortal back in the spring of 2009. When I got stuck in the middle of it, I put the manuscript aside for a while and wrote some short stories in between until I was ready to get back to Samson.

After unsuccessfully trying to attract an agent to my manuscript, I finally took the plunge in May 2010 and published Samson’s Lovely Mortal on Amazon as a Kindle book. The second in the series, Amaury’s Hellion, was already finished at that point, so I released it less than two months later. Gabriel’s Mate followed in December 2010.

I often get asked how I come up with these crazy ideas. After all, a vampire with Erectile Dysfunction is quite a rarity. The idea for Samson and his ED actually came from watching the Sopranos. I figured if Tony Soprano could go to a shrink, so could my vampire. But I needed to give him some real problem, and what could be worse for an Alpha Hero than ED? So, Samson’s book was born.

The idea for Amaury’s problem came in the middle of writing Samson. I instinctively knew that the Linebacker-sized vampire with the huge smile and the brilliantly blue eyes was hiding a lot of pain and guilt inside him. Amaury is bombarded by everybody’s emotions which cause atom-bomb-sized migraines for him. And what better way to get rid of a migraine than by having sex? What a perfect remedy for Amaury.

Why I gave Gabriel a huge scar on his face in Samson’s Lovely Mortal, I really don’t know. But when I started plotting out his story, it was exactly what he needed. The scar on the outside mimics his internal scar and, in his own eyes, makes him seem like the monster he believes himself to be. I can’t reveal what his problem is because it is part of the mystery in Gabriel’s Mate, and I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read the book yet.

When writing Scanguards Vampires, I always try to give glimpses of those characters, who will soon have their own book. I will definitely write one for Yvette, Zane, and Thomas – with Thomas’ book being a gay romance. Who knows, maybe even the villain from Amaury’s Hellion will get a shot at redemption in his own book. I definitely love my bad boys. They are so much more fun than the good guys. And some readers seem to think so too: I’ve received quite a few emails from readers, who wanted to know if Zane would get his own book. And Zane is one violent kind of guy. I’ll have a lot of redeeming to do there…

Knowing that many readers aren’t fond of e-books yet, I’m also putting all of the Scanguards Vampires books into paperback. Samson’s Lovely Mortal and Amaury’s Hellion are already available (only through Amazon.com) and Gabriel’s Mate will be out in a few days.

Since I also write a Greek God series called Out of Olympus and need to write the 2nd book in that series, the next Scanguards Vampires book won’t come out until the summer of 2011. So, please be patient. In the meantime, I do have a historical erotic novella being released today: Venice Vampyr. It’s very gothic, erotic, and about 1/3 of the length of my Scanguards books. I hope it’ll tide you over until the 4th Scanguards book will be released.

Many thanks to all my loyal readers, and to Laurie for hosting me on her great blog,

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Giveaway time! Ends Dec. 18th at midnight
Tina is doing two giveaways one for the US and One international winner.
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1) One US winner will get all three paperbacks autographed (Samson, Amaury, Gabriel)

2) One international winner will get all three e-books (either pdf, Kindle or ePub)

To enter please leave comment or question for Tina along with your email and please state in your comment if you are a US resident or International.

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