Thursday, December 30, 2010

Monthly giveaway! US and international Jan. 2011


Since this is a holiday weekend  I am feeling a little nice, so I'm going to post this a little early.

I am changing my bi-weekly giveaway to a monthly. I wanted to open this internationally, so there will be two winners at the end of each month. The US winner will get  paperback copies, your choice on which set below. The international winner will get a gift sent from amazon by me and you book is below.

*Books are in good use condition.

The US winner will get to chose between the two sets. You don't have to tell me which set you want, until I contact you.

International winner will get

You have to be a follower. Leave a comment stating your entering as  US or International, along with your email and extra point total.

I know a lot of you bloggers have the old bi-weekly giveaway picture on your blog.You can leave it on there and I will count it. If you change it to the monthly I will credit you 2 extra points (don't forget to add it to you total).

+3 for the giveaway button on your sidebar.
+4 for posting about the giveaway on your blog.
+2 Facebook or twitter.
+1 for a goodreads friend, you can find the link on my sidebar now under socializing
+2 for old follower
+1 for new follower.

Don't forget links!

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