Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Review: Dragon Blood by Madelaine Montague

Dragon Blood
Madelaine Montague

Paranormal Romance / Erotica

They were the last of their kind--brothers born of the last dragon and doomed never to find mates of their own--not of their own kind, at any rate.

Rating: Carnal/Erotica—graphic violence and sexual encounters, multiple sexual partners.






Not a bad read for an Paranormal Erotica, however I was surprised that it didn't have near enough erotica in it that it suggested as warning. The story was actually very good but the erotica wasn't quite up to par as the book suggested. There were 6 gorgeous men/dragons and the female only had sex with three of them and not at the same time, there wasn't even two on one except in the beginning in a short scene and that was done while she was unconscious.

The read was a short read and I felt the author could of added more to the story by describing in more detail of the love scenes especially since it is an erotica. I also felt that the author could of added more pleasure for the women besides just the man f@%king her - I mean what happened to the thing called FORE-PLAY. By leaving that out and only showing the man’s side of the pleasure kind of disappointed me.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with reading about long thick penis but it is more than just that, it’s what the man can do with it along with his mouth and hands and I feel if a woman doesn't get the full package deal than she is truly missing out and needs to find someone who will really please her whether they are mystical creatures or not.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that as a reader finding a conection with and between the characters when pleasure is involved is what drives readers to want to read Erotica Books and without the conection the book will usually get a bad review or not as good a review as it should get and I didn't get or feel the connection that I was looking for.


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