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This weeks paranormal romance excerpt pick

This week I am picking an erotica paranormal romance. I have read this book and really liked it. So if your in need of a book for the paranormal erotic romance challenge check this one out. Book two is due to be out around March 2011
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Just outside of Barcelona, Spain 1812

“Bite it.” Enrique’s thick Spanish accent poured over her like warm chocolate -- dark, decadent and forbidden. The cherry swung gently from his hand as he waited for her to sink her teeth into its rich, juicy, center. He shifted and pressed his chest against her back, sending tingles of excitement up and down her spine.

Curling her fingers on the desktop, Maria moistened her lips in preparation. Her lover's heat and sweet scent surrounded her. Anticipation rippled through the room. She arched her back and pressed her backside against his groin, causing a hiss to escape his lips. The cherry slipped closer to her mouth. She reached for it, but at the last moment he pulled away.

Maria loved the games they played when they were alone; each one carefully designed to torment and build their need. Enrique knew what she liked. Every night the man stroked that spark of desire into a burning inferno. When they were together she felt warm, safe, and loved. Unfortunately, this relationship was nothing but a lie.

No. She refused to let her somber thoughts ruin the mood. Enrique wanted to play one of their games of passion and she wasn’t about to deny him. If things continued down this path he would soon lead her away from his study and up to his bedroom, where they wouldn't be disturbed. She preferred it there, away from the curious eyes of the staff. Down here any one of the other servants could walk in on them. What would they think when they saw one of their own cavorting with the master of the house?

It was better not to think about it. Maria rubbed against him, feeling the ripple of muscle through his waistcoat. The cherry wavered and he hissed out his breath. Lifting her hands from the desk, she reached behind her waist and rubbed her palms over his hips. He groaned and pressed his harden cock deeper into her flesh. The cherry bobbed toward her head.

The knock on the door chilled the temperature in the air. Maria straightened and smoothed her hands over her maid uniform as the door opened. Enrique crossed the room, clearing his throat as he met the head servant at the door.

“Señor Torres?”


“You have guests.” The maid handed him a card and scowled at Maria. “I left them in the blue room.”

Enrique frowned at the card then handed it back. “Very well. I will be along in a moment.”

The servant's eyes flashed from Maria to Enrique and back again. Did she suspect? Maria arranged some papers on Enrique's desk in an effort to look busy.

“That will be all.”

“Yes,” The servant's frown faded as she focused on her master. “I will inform the cook to prepare tea.”

When the door finally closed, Maria breathed a sigh of relief and let go of the papers she was holding. They scattered on the floor. “Oh, I’m so sorry.” She stooped to pick them up. With trembling fingers, she replaced them on the desk.

Enrique closed the distance between them and took her hands. “I'm sorry querida. I must see them.”

“But it's so late. Who would visit at such an hour?”

“Unfortunately, it's not a social call.”

“One of the senators, then?”

Enrique pressed his lips together for a moment in thought. “Yes, I'm afraid so.” He wrapped his fingers around her arms and kissed her forehead. “Wait for me here. I won't be long.”

Maria turned her head up to meet his gaze. “Always.”

He brushed his finger down the side of her cheek. “That's my girl.” After a chaste kiss, he moved to the door, and then paused with his hand on the knob. He glanced at her, a worried crease forming along his brow. “Don't concern yourself about the servant gossip. I'll handle it.”

Maria turned her gaze away from his perfect angular features and nodded. No doubt the head servant was already telling the others of her find. Not that it mattered. The staff in this house didn't care for her, anyway. Not really.

Enrique took a hesitant step toward her, and she held up her hand. “They’re waiting for you.”

“Right. This will only take a moment.”

When he left the room, she rushed over to the door and threw the lock into place. Why hadn’t she remembered to lock the door before? Leaning back against the cold, hard wood, she wondered how on Earth she was going to get out of the mess she created.

Every living female within the Torres Estate had fallen hard for Enrique’s dark, handsome looks and giving nature. Maria was no exception. The kindness he had shown her and the other servants was more than what most noblemen had done for their staff. As a result, he was respected and admired by everyone. Many of the other women openly talked of the countless females he had refused to bed, and speculated whether they could change his mind. Maria didn't have time for such foolishness, however. There were more important things to think about than love or even lust -- like survival. Not a trivial task under the present circumstances.

“Got ourselves in trouble again, I see.”

Maria froze. “Carlos.” How did he get here? She was alone in the room and the door was locked. Her gaze tore away from the tall, lean vampire and settled on the open window. Damn, she knew not to be so careless. Knowing Carlos, he probably watched her whole exchange with Enrique. He would want a full report, but Maria was in no mood to give one.

The vampire crossed his arms in front of his chest. “So, you remember me. After not seeing you for two nights, I was beginning to wonder…”

She turned on her heel to face him. “I would never forget you -- or the kindness you’ve shown Frederick and me.”

He pressed his lips together and shook his head, his dark brow arching over his amber eyes. “You need to work on your lies, Maria.”

Her breath caught. Leave it to him to bring up her immaturity. She carefully schooled her face into a blank mask, as she was taught.

His features softened as he approached. “You're still a very young vampire and unable to hold you mask.” He stopped, his face inches away from hers. Crooking his finger under her chin, he turned her head first to the right, then to the left. A frown creased his perfect features. “You look gaunt.”

She jerked her head away from his grasp. “It is nothing.”

“I've heard that you haven't been going to the feedings.”

“They are innocent people.”

“They’re food, nothing more.” He sighed. “At this rate you are going to collapse before your second year.” He let go of her chin and trailed his finger down the side of her face. Maria forced herself not to flinch. “It would be a pity to lose such wonderful vampire flesh.”

She bit back a retort. Arguing would accomplish nothing. Carlos was a master of words and would only use her arguments to manipulate her. An image of her brother appeared in the forefront of her mind and she strengthened her resolve.

At her darkest hour, Carlos rescued both her and Frederick from the brink of destruction. The vampire leader was now securing their future. Under Carlos' protection Frederick would remain safe. She would remain safe. Frederick's dealings with the underworld had put her in danger more than once before. Now that they had the protection of the vampires, they wouldn't be touched.

Carlos slipped his hand lower, catching the 'V' in her dress. “You can't keep denying our desire for flesh and blood, Maria.” He leaned in close, his warm breath gliding against her cheek.

Maria shivered as his icy fingers danced over her skin. She was grateful for his protection, but would never...could never...

“One night with me and I can take you away from all this.” His voice was soft and filled with promise. Maria resisted the stirring in her lower abdomen. “Think about it, no more accusing stares from the servants, no more chores...”

No more Enrique. She had always loved Enrique's handsome features, but now that she had spent more time with him her feelings ran much deeper than lust. He treated her like somebody -- somebody who mattered. He was so different from Carlos, who only wanted to use her body to further his agenda.

Maria stepped back from his touch. “Why do you have me stay here at all? I mean, you say you want to trap Enrique -- Señor Torres -- but wouldn't it just be easier to send in vampires to capture him?”

Carlos smiled, showing each of his perfectly white teeth. “Ah, my dear. It isn't enough just to capture him.” He took a step forward. “I want to humiliate him.” Golden flecks danced across his eyes. “Ruin him.”

Maria's back hit the wall. She was trapped. “Why?”

He stepped closer, his chest even with her head. Her skin tingled at the power before her. She felt her fangs lower in response.

“Why?” He slipped his fingers back under her chin and tilted her head up to his gaze. “Because I loathe him, Maria.” He lowered his head until it hovered inches above hers. “As every vampire should.” His lips brushed against her mouth. Maria felt the cold press all the way to her toes. “The fool will destroy us all.” He kissed one cheek. “If he knew your real identity...” He kissed the other cheek. “He wouldn't hesitate to put a stake in your heart.”

“No.” Enrique was kind and thoughtful. He loved her and...

And he only approached her after she became a vampire and used her charms on him. His caring words, his gentle touch, all of it prompted by the magik Carlos bestowed on her. Sure Enrique was always kind to her, but it wasn't until she became a vampire that his interest turned sexual.

Maria straightened and tried to pull away, but it was no use. The weight of her burden felt like an anvil on her shoulders. The only reason why she was even allowed at the Torres estate was because Carlos decreed it. At any moment the vampire lord could take the privilege away from her. Then what would she be left with?

Carlos' grip tightened. “You know it is true. Don't deny who you are -- or your destiny.” He pressed his lips together for a moment in thought. “You must drink my blood before you become too weak to be of any use.”

Hunger, pure and raw blossomed in her core. Only a select few were allowed to feed directly from the vampire leader. Maria had no illusions as to why she was bestowed such an honor. Vampire feedings were steeped in sexual energy and it was no secret that Carlos favored her.

Her master tilted his head to the side. His long dark hair fell away from his shoulders and exposed the smooth ivory skin of his neck. “Now feed.”

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