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Review of CHOCOLATE SNAKE BITE by Selena Illyria

Selena Illyria
Aspen Mountain Press
Published April 2, 2010
ISBN# 9781601682857
Erotic Paranormal
Novella, 88 pages
Requested Review
Selena Illyria Website

Every relationship has problems and for months now all Dale and Val have been doing is fighting. He wants it to stop. So drastic times call for drastic measures. Dale takes the Love’s Bane potion hoping that Val will be too busy lusting after him to fight with him, but sex can’t solve every problem.

Val doesn’t want part of her lover. She wants all of him, even the dark aspects of his sexual desire. She yearns for his brand but every time she brings up the subject he shuts her down. How can they communicate when he won’t open up?

Will the arrival of his brothers and a trip to the Demonic Snake court help their relationship or hurt it?

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Dale is your typical male, even if he is a snake shifter demon. He’s possessive, arrogant, jealous, and alpha. He and Val have been arguing, their relationship becoming even more distant. Val truly wants to be Dale’s Mate in every sexual way, but he is afraid she may not survive the transition because she is human. Also in typical male fashion, Dale changes the subject, sort of, by using sex. It’s just not the kind he really wants, nor what Val is begging for. Oh yeah, and that Love’s Bane Potion……

“Right, you didn’t think and now we have your brain-dead demoness groupies out there awaiting breathlessly for your every sordid command.”

The heat really gets intense when Dale’s brother, Spencer, shows up unexpectedly. After a brief interlude, another brother, Zander arrives to let the threesome know that Dale and Val have been summoned. Dale’s parents wish to meet Val.

With CHOCOLATE SNAKE BITE, you’ll encounter a multitude of sexual situations. Something to please everyone: Voyeurism, anal, bondage, multiple partners, clamps, and shape shifting during sex (but that wasn’t explained very well). I may have left something out. Frankly, I thought the storyline was just word play set between the over-extended sex scenes. The scenes felt contrived; especially the very last one. I NEED MORE STORY. On the other hand, if you enjoy a little less conversation, a little more action, this Basilisk is for you!

On another note: Among other things, I’m an avid reader and sometimes half-ass reviewer. I tend to forgive and forget a few errors in a book. Hey, I make mistakes too. I draw the line however, when I encounter too many spelling and grammatical errors in any type of today’s publications. If someone needs help, a vast number of aids are available to use. I should know, as some habits are too hard to break. During my 20+ years as an Administrative Assistant in an ever changing environment, it was my job to make my boss look perfect!

Del Fantasma is an erotica fantasy series by Aspen Mountain Press. Each of the titles is a name of a cocktail. At the end of this book is a recipe for, you guessed it: A Chocolate Snake Bite Cocktail.


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