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ARC review giveaway Delicate Freakn' Flower by Eve Langlais

Title: Delicate Freakn' Flower
Author: Eve Langlais
Source: Requested review
Genre: Erotic paranormal romance with a m/f/m menage
Length: Novel
Authors website
Release date July 7th 2011

Dammit , just how many toes was she going to have to stomp on before people realized she was a delicate freakin’ flower? 

Naomi doesn’t want to follow tradition and settle down with a violence-loving, chest thumping shapeshifter. She grew up in a household with five, testosterone laden brothers where none of the dishes ever matched, the ugly-as-sin furniture could withstand any catastrophe, and where crazy glue was bought by the case. 

When fate—with a snicker—makes her meet not one, but two mates, Naomi digs her heels in and refuses to do what her wolf—and her body—demands. No way is she voluntarily allowing herself to get hitched to a pair of dumbass—totally hot and muscled—lacrosse players. 

Can Ethan, the towering Kodiak bear, and Javier, the sexy, tanned jaguar convince this she-wolf that life with them won’t be all chaos? And can this delicate freakn’ flower unbend her prejudices enough to recognize she needs a pair of men who can handle her thorns—and her passion?  

Warning: this is a hot threesome story where all the focus is on her with pleasurable consequences.


This Delicate Freakin’ Flower, gets not only one shifter but two and one of them the bear, let me tell you he is packing something huge. LOL. Oh my, this story takes you down Naomi’s path of wanting a non-chaos world. She want to mate with a human, so when she finds her shifter mate by surprise it freaks her out. Then she finds she has not only one but two shifter mates, well needless to say she leads these two hot shape shifters down a wicked path because she wants no part of it. The thing she didn’t bank on is they are not going to give up no matter how delicate she wasn’t to be treated. Don’t let Naomi fool you she’s not as delicate as she says because she can take down the best of them especially when she has a threat against her and it brings her family into the scenario. This is another fun and sexy hot story with some added suspense by Eve, that takes you into a Ménage with anal sex so hot you may have to take a cold shower after reading LOL. 

This story is not a novella it’s a full novel, so for those who likes to get a little more into the mind of the characters more here you a book from Eve to try. 

I recommend this novel to anyone how loves a fun erotic paranormal romance.

“Are you always this irritable?” asked the cat. 
Naomi shot him a glare. “Gee, let me see. My friend dragged me to a lacrosse game, which, I might add, is not my idea of a good time in the first place, where some clumsy bear missed a ball causing me to get injured. That same bear and his alley cat then show up and try to claim me as their mate even though I don’t want one. I think I’ve earned the right to be annoyed.” 
“I told you we should have brought more flowers,” Ethan grumbled.

Eve is giving away one eBook copy of Delicate Freakin' Flower to one lucky commenter. 

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