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Guest romance author Catharina Shields, 5 giveaways!

Hi, my name is Catharina Shields, author of Through Time Indefinite. As a relatively new author, I requested a book review with Bitten By Paranormal Romance, and to my utmost glee, Laurie said YES! Cynthia did the honors and wrote a wonderful review on both mySmashwords   and Goodreads accounts, and I offered to participate in their weekly giveaways. Open to both U.S. and International.

I’m giving away five soft cover copies of Through Time Indefinite, complete with matching bookmarkers. So good luck to all of you participating in the giveaway, and happy reading!
What’s Through Time Indefinite about?
Raven-haired Siaylah (pronounced See-ay-lah) Valinski is a head-strong, independent woman of the year 2005. There is fire in her crystalline cat-green eyes, and she takes no guff from anyone, be he king or cowboy.
And she doesn’t have to.
Unbeknownst to the people around her, Siaylah is not your ordinary time traveler. No, she’s a time traveler with supernatural powers, sent on missions by the unseen Powers That Be to protect great, historical figures when events surrounding them threaten their premature demise.
After a successful mission saving the life of one of ancient Egypt's most influential and greatest Pharaohs of all time, Ramses II, she garners herself an insistent admirer who doesn’t take no for an answer, Ramses’ uncle, Minamon, when she's transported to the era she prefers the least: late 1800's America.
She's dropped, raw and unprepared, right smack in the middle of the boudoir of a saloon's "Lady of the Night" where things get real complicated!
There she meets tall, blond, blue-eyed, Nicholas Alastair. He’s a sexy gunfighter and incorrigible gambler, and another man who doesn’t appear to take “no” for an answer! He mistakenly believes she's the woman he's paid to spend the night with no matter how hard she protests, and after what she went through with Minamon, she’s in no mood for another tussle with another bull-headed man.
But despite their first, then second, confusing and uncomfortable encounters, together they learn the truth about destiny, the ever-changing fabric of time, and that the power of true love transcends all space and time.

A Little Q&A:
Q: What gave you the idea to write a time travel romance?

A: I’ve always been interested in time travel. I guess you can say it was a challenge to write something different. What I found lacking in most time travel stories was a female time traveler. Not just your ordinary time traveler, but one with supernatural powers. So I decided to write one.

Q:  You've written in so many different genres, is time travel your favorite?

A: Not necessarily. In fact, this is my only time travel erotic romance.

Q: Can we look forward to a sequel to TTI (Through Time Indefinite)?

A: I never say never!

Q: Of course we just have to ask, but are those scorching sex scenes all part of your imagination, or are they at all based on reality?

A: Half and half. Believe it or not, sex scenes are the most difficult scenes for me to write although I’ve never let that stop me. In fact, I challenged myself to write the most powerful, sexually explicit sex scenes I can imagine while keeping it within the context of romance. I always felt most romances seemed incomplete if the hero and heroine don’t make love, and I want my readers to feel the powerful undercurrent of love between the two characters.

Here’s an excerpt from Through Time Indefinite so you’ll know what I mean:

Feeling his knee press with the gentlest of urges between her spread thighs, Siaylah opened to him as he gently urged her back down while kissing her. She soon felt the fire of his massive tip against her moist heat, and she moved her hips to accommodate him. Then she felt him probe for the tiny entrance into her body. He found her, and pressed boldly but gently forward. As he stretched her, entering her, she slowly arched with a long, deep moan.
Her lashes fluttered but she didn’t close her eyes to him. She needed to see him as much as he needed to see her. She watched as his dark, burning eyes seemed to look straight down into her fiery soul as he pushed his engorged shaft deeper inside her.
She welcomed him with quiet desire. Her surrender was the sweetest any woman has ever given him. He felt her thighs widen until they shook, surprised she was able to spread them this far apart, and then she underscored her flexibility when she lifted them without the tiniest tremor, opening herself for his full possession. She was amazing. She was the most amazing woman he’d ever been with, and this knowledge forced his desire for her to grow stronger.
He was larger than she anticipated. She slowly arched up to accommodate his massive girth, and she now discovered how difficult it was to keep her lashes from falling to an ecstatic close. They began flickering wildly before she finally surrendered, and they finally swept down.

Q: What's next for Catharina Shields?

A: Well, I guess this is where I can brag that I’m working on a new story entitled, Earth Angel,  about a fallen angel, Christian, who “preys” for forgiveness in the hope he can return to Heaven. I hope to have it finished before September.

 I always keep more than one story line going just to keep things interesting, so I’m also working on Equilibrium II: Rebirth, which is the sequel to Equilibrium: Slayer’s Heart, which is the first book in my Equilibrium four-book series about Samantha Kensington, a vampire slayer.  The first book came out right about the same time as Through Time Indefinite.  I’m really excited about Earth Angel, though.  It’s a very different project for me. 

Once again, good luck with the book giveaway and hopefully you’ll stay tuned for my future works!

Happy reading!
Catharina Shields

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