Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Long Running Romance Comic Book Serial "Reach for Happiness!"- Episode Four

Last time we visited with the Danville Corners gang, nightclub owner Ray Silva paid a visit to Rita Phillips and the love triangle between Rita, blonde beauty Karen Wilder Sommers, and Dr. Greg Marsh became more evident. In this fourth episode from Secret Hearts #113 (July 1966) Gene Colan once again takes us through "The day-by-day story of real people trapped in a whirlpool of life and death, love and hate, laughter and tears..."

If you are new to the "Reach for Happiness!" series, be sure to check out the previous posts, or catch up with this handy little summary page!

After Greg bails on Lila and Roger's party, Karen is left to ponder the situations of those around her. She is most concerned about her sour sister, Peggy. Lila explains that she is so bitter because she hasn't found love. Karen worries that she may be in for the same fate if she doesn't find love herself.

The sisters leave the party for the evening and make a stop at the Crystal Club for a drink before heading home. While there, Peggy spots none other than Rita and Greg enjoying a romantic evening together. Naturally, Karen wants to split.

Meanwhile, Lila and Roger's teenage son, Richie is out cruising with his girlfriend in his grandfather's Rolls Royce. When challenged to a drag race by a passerby, Richie can't resist. After a bit, Ritchie spins out of control and crashes. Unhurt, he is still in trouble and detained by the police. When Roger and Lila are called with the news, Roger decides to let him sit in jail for the night. The news of the accident is relayed to Ritchie's grandfather who was at Ray Silva's nightclub. The grandfather goes to bail Ritchie out and requests that Dr. Greg Marsh is sent to Lila and Roger's house to inspect Ritchie. Karen and Peggy are called and made aware of the accident.

Karen decides to head over to the house. Fortuitously, Greg is over there as well and when the grandfather asks Greg to check on Richie's girlfriend at the hospital, Karen tags along at Greg's request. During the quiet car ride, Karen longs for Greg to tell her he still loves her. He doesn't say the words, but he draws her close for a passionate kiss.

After the kiss, Greg goes into the hospital to check on Richie's girlfriend. When he comes back to the car, Karen expects they will pick up where they left off, but Greg just drives her home in silence and only musters out "See you, Karen." And so, Karen is left to ponder their future.

My goodness, the drama! What do you think so far? Are you able to keep up with all the names and faces? Dying to know what happens next?! Stay tuned next month for another installment!

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