Friday, January 1, 2010

Review Broomstick Breakdown by Eve Langlais

Broomsticks Breakdown
Author Eve Langlais
Novella eBook paranormal romance
Authors website

Sophia is on her way to her first Halloween gathering for witches when her broomstick breaks down. Luckily, she lands at a garage where a hunky mechanic, after a spell of persuasion, agrees to act as chauffeur.

Aidan is more than just a sexy driver though. As a wolf shapeshifter, magic doesn’t affect him, but he’s not immune to the powerful draw of his true mate. Mating should be simple, but he didn’t count on a stubborn witch making abduction his only option.
With the factions they belong to discouraging mixed species mating, will they find love like fate intended?
Genre: Paranormal/Shifter Romance
Heat Level: Very Hot (18+)

My review


Broomstick Breakdown is delightful, wicked and spellbounding. Are you one that loves a good sizzling hot chase between the H/H? If you are well you have to add this novella to your list and its here just in time for your Halloween fun. What I found in the book was a great cast of characters there is even the Prince Dark Lord himself that makes an appearance along with other paranormal creatures . The sexual tension is sizzling hot between these two. I loved the ending everyone needs a little different twist on what mixed paranormal creatures can or may have as kids. It shows how creative Eve Langlais is.

Sophie is a witch that ends up in need of a broom, but instead she gets a hot werewolf giving her a ride to the witches gathering that either one will never forget. I loved reading this sexy story, at first you think they will fall together and get it on, but nope. The next thing Sophie finds herself being kidnapped by that hot werewolf himself. What will happen between them both? You’ll have to read and find out, I will say its not quick because mixing between a witch and a werewolf just doesn’t happen. I would recommend this to anyone that loves a quick erotica or paranormal romance.

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