Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Book review tour for Nina Bangs God of the Night series

I would like to try something. I have two used books of Nina Bangs Eternal Pleasure and Eternal Craving, I could take them back to the used book store to let Cathy push them of one someone else or I had a thought to do a review tour with these books.

 What will happen is I will run this tour during the month of Dec for people to enter. Then in Jan. I will see how many signed up. What will happen next is I will ship it out to the person living the closest and when they get it read it and write a review, then they will send the books to the closest living to them. I hope that's easy enough. I will have the list of participant's so you'll know who to send it to. Sorry this will be for the US only, I want to keep this shipping down for everyone.

Information about the books please visit authors website This is the Gods of the Night series. I don't have book three to send. If you like the books and want to continue the series book three Eternal Pray will be out Dec 28.

Simple rules
*Comment below stating you would like enter.

*Email me your address and name, so I can get everyone ready before hand.
my email bittenbyparanormalromance @ gmail . com
*Make sure you can read, review and ship two books out in two weeks. I still understand you may need a little more time, but please let me know if you do, so I can let the next person know you may be late. I do want to do this as quick as we can.

*If you don't have a blog and would like to do this, you can enter and send me your review and I will put it on my blog. There is only two things I ask, one is you don't tear the author down if you don't like the books. Two is no big spoilers and if you have some spoilers state that in your review. I will have to put a limit on how many will sign up for this because I just don't have an over amount of time, I will take the first 5 that signs up for this.

*This would be perfect for those that has signed up for the paranormal romance challenge. All you have to pay for is shipping to the next person.

I think I have covered everything. If not leave me a question I will get back with you.

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