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Foursome Review Thursday: Hot Holiday Houseguests by Cheryl Dragon

Ronda came up with this ideal for all of us read one book and review it. So we now have new post called Foursome Review Thursday. It will either be a free book or one we all paid for. It will be a novella to save us time.

Foursome review Thursday is going to be every fourth Thursday, unless a holiday is in the way then it will fall on another Thursday.

Hot Holiday Houseguests
Cheryl Dragon

Romance / Erotica

Kelly always tried to be a good girl. Finally, she found the man who let her be a little bad with him and gave her the playful discipline she craved. That’s the man to marry! Engaged and looking forward to a nice Christmas with his family, she couldn’t be happier with her great guy and amazing sex life. Could she?

When her fiancĂ© Mark’s two sexy cousins come to stay for the holidays and burst in on the couple during sex, her shock quickly turns to arousal. She goes from having one hot man to three, and Mark is behind it all. A girl could get used to having three men fulfilling her sexual needs. But is this a treat for the holidays or can she actually keep them all?



Ronda's Review:
Rating:  4 - a pack howl
Sexual:  Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

One Hot Erotica! Pure Pleasure!

Wow, talking about heating things up, I was boiling hot after this short little read. A cold shower can't even cool this read off. The small amount of BDSM in the story was ok, however I thought it would of been better without it.

Kelly and Mark are engaged and their sex lives full filling their desires are insatiable. Mark likes to share and Kelly always wants more. When Marks hansom cousins come to stay for the holidays, things definitely get heated up when Mark asks Kelly how she'd feel about having three cocks, 6 hands and three mouths on her at the same time.

Definitely a read that will get your minds sexual appetite sated.



Laurie's Review
Rating 4 - a pack howl
Sexual: Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

Wow! What a scorching hot Christmas erotica, it had my blood boiling! And its just in time for your holiday fun! If you want a book full of hot sex with a small, but good storyline this would be for you. But who doesn’t need a little sexy pick me up every once in a while? I know I do and I enjoyed this one very much. What you get is hot light BDSM, m/f/m+m with NO m/m sex, spanking on the butt with hand an paddle, back door action, bondage and three hot sexy men. I like all the characters Kelly, Mark, Jack and Paul. This was fun and quick to read.

This book didn’t bother me real bad, there is one part where Mark is lightly paddling Kelly’s boobs that had me on the edge, but it passed quick. These four really love each other and they respect each other. The men want Kelly to come to pleasure as much as she can, so you don’t get the slave D/s where they make her hold out, these men want to pleasure Kelly not use her as an object. Kelly is into just enough pain without going over board with it.
I recommend this one who is in need of a sex pick me up!


Kris's review
Rating: 2 - a small howl
Sexual: Steamy
I enjoyed the plot, and liked the characters. However, I thought the writing style was a bit choppy, and their idea of BDSM was lacking any depth or realism.


Cynthia's Review
Rarting: 3 - one good howl
Sexual: Four Alarm Fire #@!%$

When Mark’s cousins, the brother’s Jack and Paul, show up a few days early for the Holidays, he has some explaining to do to his fiancĂ©e, Kelly. Little does she know, the three cousins use to share everything while in college.

If you’re looking for a lively, satisfying, holiday-themed, erotic read, this one is for you. Be warned: There is plenty of four-way action. All female centered, of course. Interspersed with a sprinkling of spanking, a dusting of BDSM, and a twinkle of anal play.

The story moved quickly, the sexual scenes weren’t over done, and I enjoyed the banter between the characters. What turned me off were Jack and Paul. They seemed to be all brawn and no brain. A classic line from Kelly:
“Are you saying we can keep them?” She smiled wider.
WTF! Are they puppies?


Next month we are reading Snowy Night Seduction by Arianna Hart

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