Thursday, December 2, 2010

Reader's Choice Award 2010- Poll is now LIVE! Cast your vote!

 Reader's Choice Award 2010
Ready to make a difference?
(LOL) I can't promise world peace or any of that good stuff, but if you vote in this poll, you'll help elect the Best Book in 2010 as considered by the Readers themselves. I have no say in this selected winner (and went into a tiffy and decided to give out Rita Choice Awards for covers, blurbs, ect, myself). The Reader's control the outcome, and as such, I need every person out there who sees this post and reads romances novels to vote.

Here are the nominees for the Reader's Choice Award 2010

Hopefully one of your favorite reads from 2010 made the nominee cut and you can easily select and submit your vote; But if you know of a title that should have been added (you think this book is the best of the best from historicals this year), please use the "Write-In" section of the form to bring that book to my attention. If a book receives enough "Write-In" nominations, it will receive an honorable mention once the RC is determined.

Criteria I (tried to) follow:
-Released in 2010  (from January 1st, 2010 to December 2nd, 2010)
-Since so many great author's had equally great multiple releases this year, I tried to show preference to the earlier books from that series
-Had to be a Historical Romance
-Either I read it and felt my high opinion matched the readers, or the book was suggested outright by a reader

How To Vote: It's simple. Just fill out this form. You can click the link or use the embedded version in this post below. Please make sure you only vote once or validate your vote once. Just select the title you felt was the best (among the given choices) this year.

Voting ends on December 29th, 2010 @ midnight. The winning book will be showcased on the 30th!

About Validating Your Vote: There is the option to validate your vote by providing your name and email address. This is a way to verify whether a person who enters a giveaway this month and tries to claim extra points (entries) by stating that they voted in the poll, actually did it. All this month there will be different giveaways and I want to reward those reader's who took the time to vote by giving them exclusive extra points towards any giveaways they enter.Your info (name, email, and vote) will never be shared or used in any way other than to a.)Tabulate results and b.)Verify extra points claims.(I won't send you nasty emails stating that your choice was horrible and you're a bad The only way to receive exclusive extra points towards a giveaway for voting is by validating. So, if you plan to enter some giveaways this month, make sure to validate when you cast your vote.


*I will also randomly select a validated voter to receive a 'Wicked Delights Of A Bridal Bed' Swag Pack (complete with signed cover flat, bookmarks, magnets and commemorative post-its)

-If you cast your vote and then decide later on that you would like to validate it, Do not recast your vote. Just send an email with your name, typed-out email address, date you voted and your selection to: NotAnotherRomanceBlog[AT]gmail[DOT]com

-Be Fair! Only vote once! What good is a win without the work? Any suspicious votes will be deleted and might penalize the nominee. (Authors are vicious! Get them disqualified and they'll kick your ass, so watch out! Lol)

Thanks to everyone in advance for voting and feel free to discuss the nominees and your fav book from the year in the comments below

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