Thursday, December 2, 2010

X-mas Party Giveaway: $85 Giftcard to CSN stores

In a few weeks, the Christmas trees will be framed by mountains of wrapped presents!
...Or will they?....
For some reason, most people always find themselves on a never-ending check out line in some retailer a day or two before the big day. I have fallen prey to the trap of Last minuet gift shopping, and this year will probably be no different. There's no hope for me, but for one lucky entrant, CSN stores is here to help.

Below you will find the answer to your problems:


Not just any form, but THE form. (lol) Fill it out and you will be entered to win:
a $85 Giftcard to CSN stores!
Spend it on the relative who you callously forgotten! .. or just pick up a cute bag for yourself! ;)

*Open to anyone, anywhere as long as CSN stores will ships to you!/ They DO ship internationally (special sites for the UK and Deutschland) for more info, click here

*You can get extra points (entries) for Being a follower of this blog, speading the word, and voting in the Reader's Choice Award poll.

*In the form, there is a question that asks you to visit: (or any of their other 250+ online specialty stores) and pick out something under $85 you would love to gift to someone (or yourself). Make sure you do this!! You can link in the form and then post them here in the comments as well, and I'll give a bonus +20 points (entries) to the best find in the comments!!

[Giveaway ends: December 18th, 2010 @ midnight!]
...umm, yeah, did you not get the memo? Christmas is in less than 23 days... WHY ARE YOU SITTING THERE.. go beat up grandma for the last pair of butterfly hair clips for your daughter, and then come back here and enter the giveaway when you reliazes she had beaten you!!....

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