Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puppy Love Week - Another Way to a Man's Heart

Welcome to day three of "Puppy Love Week!" As promised, I have for you today a Charlton story. Now, if you have been to Sequential Crush before, you know that Charlton romance stories tend to be a little bit on the nutty side. But hey! That's what makes them so lovable! Without further ado, in all its day-glo crazy-pants glory, I present "Another Way to a Man's Heart" from For Lovers Only #82 (December 1975).

Despite being neighbors, Pete Betterton will not acknowledge Julia. She pulls out all the stops (which includes wearing granny dresses) to no avail. Julia does however, manage to attract the attention of Pete's adorable little pup, Gizmo. Well, with the help of some biscuits anyhow.

A few weeks later, while grabbing her mail, Julia runs into Pete and a very obstinate Gizmo. Pete explains to Julia that he is trying to get Gizmo off to the kennel so he can make his flight to Europe for a ten-day business trip. Seeing that Gizmo is putting up a fight, Julia volunteers to take the dog to the kennel so that Pete can catch his plane on time. After Pete leaves, Julia decides to just watch over Gizmo herself and skip the kennel.

After a fantastic ten days with little Gizmo, Pete returns. With a feeling that Julia kept Gizmo at her place the whole time, Pete appears at the door bearing a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine. He even cooks her dinner!

A romance starts to blossom but Julia lets Pete know that he isn't the only one with goals. She is a liberated woman!

The next day, Julia, Pete and Gizmo take a little road trip from New York city to Connecticut and spend the afternoon picnicking and swimming under a waterfall. Not only fun, the time together gives Pete and Julia time to discuss their future.

Once back home, Pete asks Julia to marry him. She says yes, joking that Gizmo would never forgive her if she said no. And so, brought together by a little furry mutt, a family is born -- Charlton style!

The art in this story may not be the best (not sure who is responsible for it), but I think the story is a cute one and there is just something so real and honest about it. Perhaps it is the slightly heartbreaking panel where Julia and Gizmo are watching television or Charlton's proclivity for bizarreness? In any case, Gizmo has a special place in my heart!

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