Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1970s African-American Romance Comic Book Story + History Detectives Reminder!

My History Detectives segment airs tonight on PBS at 8pm EST/7pm CT! Since it is about the 1950 comic book Negro Romance, I thought I would post today on a 1970s story depicting African-American characters. This one is called "Make-Believe Romance" and is from Girls' Love Stories #169 (May 1972). The Grand Comics Database has it listed as being a retitled reprint, penciled and inked by Vince Colletta with retouched hairstyles to provide diversity. A very likely scenario, but at this time I do not know exactly where the story may have originally appeared or what it originally looked like. Until that little mystery is solved, enjoy the 1970s version!!!

Rumors constantly fly around the office. Gary and Lucy are in love! In actuality, Gary Walker is Lucy Weston's handsome boss, and there is not an ounce of romance between them... or so they think!

Lucy and Gary try hard to ignore the whispers heard 'round the water-cooler that they are an item. Everyone believes it to be so, except for Gary and Lucy! Frequently the two discuss the hassling they endure by fellow office mates.

The two distinctly not lovebirds come to the conclusion that it is probably their fault that everyone thinks they are an item. But, despite the fact they are always in the company of one another during work hours, they maintain that they are just really good friends.

However, whenever Lucy goes out on dates, she ends up wishing the guy was as compatible with her as Gary. And when she comes home from her dates, she dreams that someday she will find a man like Gary.

The gossip at work progressively worsens. Gary and Lucy decide to not even to fight it anymore as it would be futile. Lucy consults with her best friend, who also has her doubts about Lucy and Gary's platonic relationship.

One day while at work, Lucy is invited to the charity ball by the head manager. She agrees to go, gets gussied up, and is hopeful she will meet someone. Lo and behold! Who does she notice from across the room? Why, Gary of course! Out of the office and away from all the pressure, the two quickly see each other in a new light.

What a relief it must have been for them -- and for their nosy co-workers! I hope you enjoyed, and if you have time this evening be sure to catch me on the History Detectives!

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