Friday, July 29, 2011

Ever wonder what most book bloggers do in a day.

You see this man to the right.

He's my 86 year old father who has lived with me over 3 years now. He is almost blind most of the time he can't see his food. And of course, his hearing is almost gone. I have to make sure he takes his pills, goes to the doctor and that he has food cooked to eat and let me tell you he won't eat leftovers. He also loves sweets from scratch and that has to be made every other day or so and you can guess who hast to cooks it?... Me. My daughter throws in and helps sometimes.

My husband because of his job he is home most of the time and I would guess like most men, all the attention has to be focus on him ugh. As much as I love him he had one problem he can talk someone's head off. Yep, as I am trying to read or add things to my blog he is in the background yanking his head off UGH LOL.  He needs knee replacement surgery on both knees, they are trying to hold off until he is 60, but I just don't think he is going to make it with all of the pain he is in. We have a split level home and guess who has to make the trips down the stairs? Yep, it’s me or my daughter, which she does the most of this. Thank goodness.

My daughter tries her best to help, but she is a still a young adult and you know how that goes. She needs a job and if your one that needs one you know how that’s going. Did you know I homeschooled for 12 years? Yep, just got done in June wooohoo. She mostly takes care of herself until she finds something for me to look at. Then she yells for me and I have to go see ugh.. So, there’s time here where I put something down to go check it out what she is yelling about. When I come back I know I missed something, but what?.. LOL

Then there are the 2 dogs, 3 cats and 3 rabbits that have to be fed watered and taken out. I do the entire washing clothes, food shopping, cleaning house and pool cleaning that has to be done. My daughter will do dishes at times. She lucky we have a dishwasher, I didn't have one when I was a kid.

Then if my day isn’t full enough I play book blogger all day too. You wouldn’t believe the request that comes that I know hasn’t even read the blogs policy or looked at the blog, so I have shift through them and email the ones that I won’t accept.  When I do fine a good request I go to check which reviewer will read what and them start a process of email back in fourth. If there’s events, guest post or just any question from author I do them all, so that takes time and in between all of this and the household chore, sometime I find multi-tasking doesn’t work out I forget to write something or someone down. Grr. Then I have to rack my brain and believe me it’s not there by that time lol. So, I have to hope someone will email me back. Needless to say I can only do so much and then it still doesn’t work out. I wish I had more time to get whit authors to chat but I just don’t, with my time. I can cut back but then there wouldn’t be the review, so I do what I feel best. You can ask some of my reviewers a few of them have to keep on to me until my brain clicks and I get what they are saying. I know most of you have blogs and you know what’s it like, but for those who don’t it’s a job without pay.

I have 4 sometime 6 reviewers to keep up with who is reading what and how long will the review be. I have to admit I love my reviewers are the backbone of my blog anymore. They have become some of my best friends and I find each of them wonderful in their own way.  Again if it wasn’t for this blog I wouldn’t have met these wonderful ladies that have become my best friends.

Then a few weeks my pinky and ring finger started tingling and then it started killing me and I found out I have Ulnar Nerve Entrapment and let me tell you if you have it the pain can get very bad if I type for long. Then there's the pain pills that I am not use to. Yep, I feel asleep that day, the next I broke the pill in half and it has helped, at least I'm not knocked out LOL.

I have just touched on some of my day but there is still more that I have not even touched on. I am not writing all of this to complain, I'm just trying to let everyone one know followers and authors a like, I am only human and the more the blog grows the more of me that has to go around. I am not mean to anyone even authors that I didn’t enjoy their books. I look at it as hey, I may not like it but someone else might. So, If I forget to email or if I forget to add your name or I don’t send you an email just to chat. You know I am busy or just forgot so please do as my reviewers do and say, "hey, dummy did you forget me? No matter how much this blog grows I can never be mean to anyone least off any author or follower. 

I keep running this blog to help authors and followers find each other. I also believe that includes me and my reviews. We have found a lot of wonderful new authors just from this blog alone because most of them are books we would have never found without this blog.

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