Friday, July 15, 2011

handmade jewelry for sale

I am going to start selling Polymers clay jewelry. I needed a way to make a few bucks along the way and I hope you guys will love these as much as I do. These are fantastic! These are all hand made and each one is unique so another one can not be duplicated. I have a couple myself and I find them easy to wear and very light weight and they are very durable. I have a few to start with and if all goes well, I will have quite a few to pick from. First come first serve.  

The designer said "All of my beads are completely handmade using no paints, molds, bead rollers or patterns of any kind. Therefore, no two beads are ever exactly alike. That's the great thing about handmade!"

Bracelets are all 7 1/2 
all are $16.00
Midnight steampunk

October Magic
Summer Sunday 

Abalone is fantastic. I love the metallic crackle look ( see below for close up)
Once in a blue Moon, This one had the different moon phases
Robin saves the nest this one measures an 8 to make room for the other beads. This is called a  fidget bracelet
October moon SOLD
Steampunk Plum

Here are a few close ups, so you can see how much detail are in these

EARRINGS made with hypoallergenic  

 Ophelia necklace and pendent measurements are 1 and 3/4 inches across pendant, pendant is 2 inches tall. Necklace is 15 inches in length but is adjustable for a good fit
Price $175.00

Special design for this site. 
Bitten bead's
The designer took the different colors from the blogs header and mixed them together. I think she done an awesome job re-creating my blog designers work. Both ladies are fantastic and they know their art. 

Here's what she said.
 "I looked at the blue and realized it was not one, but many colors. I picked the two strongest: a fairly royal blue from the background and a teal type blue from the lettering. I mixed a bit of glitter with black and made a pearly white mix for the nightgown in the foreground of the header and a stark white for the moon."

 You get a set. Earrings, necklace, and fidget bracelet. Price for whole set $40.00

The earrings and necklace beads size are 16mm round. Remember these are light wight.

Close up of earrings. 

If your interested in any of these please email me at bittenbyparanromalromance(@)gmail . com
I take paypal us dollars, prices does not include shipping.

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