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Forever's Historical Romance Blog Tour: Giveaway and Reviews!

As part of Forever's Historical Romance Blog Tour, I have reviews of three new historical romances, as well a contest for all three books! 

There will be three winners.

"Lady of Seduction"
 by Laurel McKee

Publisher: Forever
Release Date: May 31, 2011

Source: ARC sent by publisher

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

My Review:

This book was my favorite of the three! I loved it so much! I loved the romantic setting of a deserted island, a creepy old castle, and a loner hero. Grant was a former society favorite who became scarred and transformed from a dandy to an almost hermit like lifestyle.

I liked that the heroine was older and more experienced. That's always a refreshing change. Caroline seemed so strong in her own right without being 'feisty' or 'stubborn' or any of those other over-used descriptions of a historical romance heroine.

I really felt like Caroline and Grant had a deep connection. On their journey, they really seemed to be in it together. They had each other's backs. Even when they thought there was no way they could be together after the adventure ended, it felt like there was no way they could ever be separated.

A lot of times in romance, I get bored with too much mystery or adventure, but his time I was on the edge of my sett. The author does a great job of keeping the hero and heroine together while searching for clues so the mystery and romance went hand in hand.

I really liked the Irish setting, it was a nice change from the average read. I am curious as to whether the author's next series will be set in Ireland as well, because she writes about the Irish culture so beautifully.

Bottom Line: The perfect fun romantic adventure, with sizzling chemistry between the two leads.

"Temptation of a Highland Scoundrel"
 by Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Publisher: Forever
Release Date: Aug 1, 2011

Source: ARC sent by publisher

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Review:

This tale is a battle of wills told in a lush, romantic setting. It's a bit of an old-fashioned romance at times, but the leads are nice and the description of the setting is amazing. My favorite part of the book was the detailed setting. You'll feel like you're right there in the highland mist and fog.

Kendrew is pretty gruff and grouchy, but he's still likable because we get a lot of insight as to why he pushes Isobel away so much. Kendrew and Isobel have a lot of chemistry so their (sort of) love at first sight type of meeting is so believable. The air is electric whenever they are together.

The romance is the high point in this story, the book lagged for me during all the clan political drama. However, the Viking history is an interesting angle that I hadn't seen before in a highland romance. It was interesting and unique.

Bottom Line: The lovely romance and fascinating setting make up for any slow parts.

"Tamed by a Highlander"
 by Paula Quinn

Publisher: Forever
Release Date: July 1, 2011

Source: ARC sent by publisher

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Review:

I really love this series, I think these books are what historical romance is all about. While this installment isn't my favorite of the series, it's still an excellent highland story, all about the romance.

I'm a big fan of couples who are reunited after years apart and childhood sweetheart stories, and this book was both! I think it really added to the depth and intensity of their feelings for each other.

One thing I loved about the story was that both characters were so jealous! And honestly, they had good reason to be so jealous. Mairi was pretty much dating another man and Connor had a mean socialite practically attached to his side. I loved that Connor really beat himself up over acting like a jealous schoolboy, but he couldn't help it. Their jealousy really fired up their romance I think.

I really liked the beginning and middle of the book, it was just the end that slowed down for me. I think I missed a lot of the recurring characters from the story. We didn't get to spend much time with any of the supporting characters, and a full cast of characters was one of the things I enjoyed most about the other books. I am looking forward to Colin's story next, though.

Bottom Line: This is a great installment in one of my favorite historical romance series.

Hachette books has generously provided three sets of all three books for readers of my blog! If you win, you will receive all three of these great books!

All you have to do is follow my blog publicly and leave a comment on this review with your email address!Please follow publicly or I can't tell that you are following :) Also, if you aren't comfortable leaving your email here, go ahead and leave a comment and then send me an email with your email addy
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Thanks to everyone for entering! Good luck!  

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