Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review Here's Blood In Your Eye by Kami Cummings

Title: Here's Blood In Your Eye
Author :Kami Cummings
Source: Author request
Genre: Erotica
Authors website 
Fame, fortune and females are the life for Russell Schmidt! However, reaching rock-star status through his self-published vampire novels isn’t enough. Trailing after a mysterious woman in red leads to heights of ecstasy he’s never known. But Russ soon finds the tables turned, and his next one-night stand may be to die for!

*I know the sexual looks funny for an erotic story, but I need more connection and well better wording, sorry*

If you like something short and erotic with a little twist, Russell story in his POV maybe just for you. Now, let me state here Russell does come with the big head, but he’s a star so why not. LOL. This story comes with one sex scene with anal. This is a basic erotic short story to have some fun.

I enjoyed this short story that ends with a special twist. I didn’t really care for the way the sex was written but I guess it’s hard to add romance in 21 pgs.

I suggest this to someone looking for a quick erotic read.

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