Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Win Win!

You know those weeks when you just can't seem to lose, when all the pieces fall into place and the timing is right for amazing things to happen?

Yeah. I don't either.

Have I ever told y'all I have Scottish Luck? (Just so you know, Scottish luck is the exact opposite of Irish luck. Don't believe me? Brush up on your Scottish history sometime.) Sometimes it seems that I can never have any good luck without karma, or fate, or destiny coming back in to even things out.

So this morning I was very happy when I drew a winner for my City of Fallen Angels giveaway. It made me feel like somewhere along the line I did something right. Because not once in two years, 2 YEARS, has this person won any of my blog contests, even though they've entered pretty much every single one. Okay, so MAYBE her 18 entries had something to do with the odds, but I'm still gonna go with destiny. ;)

And the winner is:


Please email your address (which I promptly deleted from my email last time you sent it to me. I'm an idiot) and I'll get it out to you ASAP!


And Happy Wednesday to everyone else.

Remember, there'll be another giveaway at the end of the month for THIS:

Thanks to everyone who entered, especially my new followers!

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