Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ashley March Guest Post & Giveaway

Today, I'd like to welcome Ashley March to In the Hammock for a guest post! 

Ashley is the author of the new historical romance "Romancing the Countess," and I'd like to thank her for taking the time out today to visit as part of her blog tour! 


Turning a Spark into an Idea…and the Truth about Random Hearts

By Ashley March

so much to Carrie for hosting me here at In the Hammock today! I have
to admit that one of my dreams has always been to have a hammock slung
up outside where I could while away the day doing nothing but reading.
Now that I’m a mother with two young daughters, I know that will have to
wait until they go to school. 

    My newest Victorian romance, ROMANCING THE COUNTESS, which releases on September 6th,
is about an earl and his best friend’s wife who are drawn together
after their spouses—who were having an affair—die in a carriage
accident. I first had the idea (or, as I like to call it, a spark of the
idea) for this book back in 2006. I was working late one evening at a
part-time job—one of those jobs where you try to think of anything to
amuse yourself to keep from getting bored—when I came up with the idea
of a man and a woman whose spouses had an affair and then died. I must
confess that at the time this spark of an idea was meant to be a dark
comedy. Perhaps neither the hero nor the heroine would have loved their
spouses, and they would have a competition to pretend to Society who
could be the best at acting the proper widow or widower.

Thank goodness I left the idea alone for four years. When it came back
in 2010, I decided I really wanted to write the story because I was
still intrigued by the concept of the cheating spouses who died, but
also about how the surviving widow and widower would move on with their
lives. I wanted to see how I would be able to write the challenge of
such a widow and widower falling in love. But it quickly became apparent
that it couldn’t be a dark comedy. Instead, it had to be something
much, much more. It had to become a story of healing, redemption, and of
forgiveness. It had to feature a relationship that goes beyond a
surface attraction or
romance to a deep and lasting emotional bond that can only be described as a love story.
    If you have the opportunity to read ROMANCING THE COUNTESS when it comes out next week, I hope you’ll let me know what you think and if I achieved these goals.
Before I go, I have to tell you that when I first pitched this concept
to my editor, her initial response was that, although she loved the
idea, it sounded very much like
Random Hearts, a movie made in 1999 starring Harrison Ford and Kristin Scott Thomas. Yes, that movie.  If you were like me, you probably turned if off within the first half hour. It was terrible.
So terrible, in fact, that I thought I had completely blocked it from
memory. But I suppose the idea was still lurking in the back of my mind,
waiting to come out someday in the form of a romance novel. Please
allow me to assure you, though, that the similarity to
Random Hearts is nothing more than a…random coincidence. And although Random Hearts was a terrible movie, ROMANCING THE COUNTESS is much, much better. ;)

Did you ever see the movie Random Hearts?
Did you think it was as terrible as I did? Because Harrison Ford is
truly a much better actor than the character he played in that movie,
I’d love to hear what your favorite Harrison Ford movie is!

random commenter will be chosen to win a copy of my newest book,
ROMANCING THE COUNTESS, and will get a chance to send a copy of my
debut, SEDUCING THE DUCHESS, to a friend (open internationally)! Also,
find out how to win the ROMANCING THE COUNTESS Book Tour Grand Prize of
50+ romance novels by visiting www.ashleymarch.com!  



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