Tuesday, June 22, 2010

All Hail Harriett!

   Many of you may not know this, but before I started the blog, I did a brief spell on the Barnes and Noble circuit; experimenting and learning what style of writing suited me for my so-called book reviews. I would frequently (and by frequently, I mean, almost daily) happen across this wonderful user who would write some of the best reviews I've ever read.on almost every romance I wanted to review. Our Harriet Klasuner a.k.a 'harstan' is a forced to be reckoned with.
   She is a reviewing MACHINE on b&n, with over 19,000 reviews written! A Legend. You can also find her handy work on amazon.com. Her reviews are well thought out, informative, while not revealing too much, and splendidly written. I just wanted to pay homage to a great reviewer (I am not sure whether she has her own website, but she should!). You can find her stuff, scattered across almost every imaginable romance novel listed on b&n, along with some paranormals, mysteries, ect.
   Here's to you Miss Harriett! Thanks for your continued patronage to the art of review writing! Giving bookworms like me the idea to have a purpose on the web =)

Her profile page on my b&n (the community site for barnesandnoble.com) can be found: here

-And check out harstan's review of the latest Stephanie Laurens release, 'The Brazen Bride'. A book I've been dying to read !

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