Thursday, June 17, 2010

Uncoming books Sheli Stevens

I got on facebook and seen an author commented on anothers authors, Sheli Stevens books. I just had to check them out. I myself have nerver heard of this author, but I am sure some of you have, all I have to say these ended up in my TBR pile this moring.

Need Me
Due out June the 29th

Need Me
Nika has trained her body into a deadly weapon—the better to take what she wants from any world, especially the well-protected planet Belton. But the moment she sees Lt. Brendon Marshall, her weapon is turned against her. A man like him could incinerate a woman’s priorities with one look. And since he’s guarding the very object of her desire, it could be so simple to use him and never look back. As long as she can ignore a more intense pleasure than she’s ever known—and a wilder need than she’s ever imagined…

Chances Are Due out July 1st

Anybody But Justin
Gabby is enjoying her search for Mr. Right and the sex that comes with it. There’s only one man she doesn’t want to fall for—her best friend Justin, a player in every sense of the word. Except Justin doesn’t want to be just friends anymore, and he’s ready to do whatever it takes to convince her not to run.

Luck Be Delanie
Years ago, Delanie’s sorority prank led to an unplanned—and passionate—night with a sexy stranger. A memory she still holds close to her heart. Grant always suspected she stole his lucky coin, but never knew why. Now he’s got her right where he wants her, and he not only wants answers, but Delanie too.

Protecting Phoebe
Phoebe’s work at a women’s shelter has gone a long way toward her own healing, except when it comes to dating. Then a hot, young cop sets her pulse racing straight toward a casual fling. Craig’s interest goes way beyond casual, but it’ll take time to convince her to think long term. Until her violent ex comes out of the woodwork, and time becomes the one thing they don’t have…

Warning: This book has hot sweet lovin’ between friends who become lovers, lost lovers reunited, and an older woman and younger man. Male masturbation, a violent ex, and tropical islands make cameo appearances between rounds of “you could have died” sex.

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