Friday, June 25, 2010

Review Sweet Discipline by Bonnie Hamre

Sweet Discipline
Author- Bonnie Hamre
Erotic romance- BDSM
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Book Description

Sweet Discipline By Bonnie Hamre When Norris Brownell registers at an exclusive diet spa to further her career and salvage her social life, she expects the usual regimen of diet, exercise and behavior modification. However, Adrian, her personal trainer, knows that won't do. He's determined to train her to discipline her body and her impulses for more than portion control. He wants her for himself. She's initially appalled and resistant to his methods, but as her body slims and her sensual needs expand, she finds herself dealing with cravings that only Adrian can satisfy. Norris may lose much more than just pounds at the hand of her sensual trainer. Note: Sweet Discipline contains multiple scenes of discipline and is not for the faint of heart

Laurie;s review


In order for me to read any BDSM books, I have to have a good connection and feel something more then just sex between the two characters and I can’t read anything that’s degrading to the female. I was lucky this book did have the connection and I found it no way degrading. I did find myself being tested on reading some of sex scenes one in particular was risky to add, but I found it tolerable, some may not. At first I didn’t think I could read let alone finish it, but over all I found it a nice read. There quite a bit of anal, lots of sex toys, and discipline not for the faint of heart.

Norris want’s to lose weight, she had a friend that went to a spa called Sweet Discipline and was successful, so Norris wanted to give it a try. She never expected to have a male trainer let alone be naked with him, then to top it off she was able to have sex toys, that should be a no, no right?

Adrian seen Norris before she came in at Sweet Discipline and really liked her. Adrian is a dominate he decides he wants a challenge and Norris is his next client, he wants to train her as his submissive. Will it work? Will she lose weight and also in return be his submissive.

I found this one a very quick and easy read, so it doesn’t take up a lot of your time. The first half of the book there is really no sex, its Adrian training her to be his submissive, so that’s one downside. You don’t a lot of juice, until closer to the end of her stay at the spa

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