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Author interview Meagan Hatfield and autographed giveaway Shadow of the Vampire

I am so happy to bring you an interview of my top favorite book this year, Her name is Meagan Hatfield and the book Shadow of the Vampire. I was so happy to be able to talk to Meagan after I read this fantastic book on Netgalley, she is a wonderful person and author. This interview and giveaway is on Shadow of the Vampire, Release date July 1st. Please give a big welcome to Meagan!

BbPR-Your book Shadow of the Vampire is due out July 1st . Can you tell those who haven’t heard of it a little about your new book?

Meagan-Sure! Declan Black is one of the last dragon lords. The vampire horde, ruled by their evil queen is on the verge of winning their century’s long battle. Then an item is discovered that when wielded against his dragon kind it can enslave or destroy them, Declan risks going into the bowels of the hordes catacomb hell to retrieve it. However, when he finds an angel in the shape of his enemy’s daughter, will he be able to resist the fire of lust she kindles within him? Or will he risk everything to quench the burning desire?

BbPR-What inspired you to write Shadow of the Vampire?

Meagan-I had written a novella featuring dragons and vampires back in 2006. Although I knew it was a one-time deal, I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters and that world I’d created. So, when I won a chapter critique for Harlequin’s Nocturne line at my local conference, I wrote what is now Chapter one of SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE and sent it to my now editor. I thought I would simply receive back a critique of my work. So when she told me she really liked it and wanted to see more that was pretty much all the inspiration I needed to keep my butt in the chair and finish the book.

BbPR-What is your process for writing your Shadow of the Vampire?

Meagan-I tend to write freehand in a notebook and type it in the computer later, doing the first revision as I go. I’m visual and like to use different colored pens in the notebooks, draw little pictures, even costumes or attire ideas on my stick figure people if the mood strikes. I also storyboard once I plot the book out, have a post-it fetish and use character clippings and inspiration pictures. All of that goes on a cork board wall beside my desk, along with any other notes I might need. I also have a huge binder covering everything in the series that I need to remember, (a fabulous idea I got from Yasmine Galenorn – thanks Yazza!) And last, I almost always write to music. Usually, I create different playlists for each story. However, I wrote Shadow of the Vampire to one cd only, no playlist – Breaking Benjamin’s Phobia, I just looped it and played it over and over. The songs and mood fit the tone of the book perfectly. Plus they are one of my favorite bands.

BbPR-How much if any at all research did you put in for Shadow of the Vampire?

Meagan-I didn’t do much research. Maybe a little bit on dragons. But I’m the queen of making stuff up! Lol! I knew what I wanted the characters to do, what powers I wanted them to have as well as what weaknesses. So, I sort of just went for it! As to the world-building and characters, etc…well, in a way, every story I wrote previously prepared me to write this book. I mean, I had written a fantasy romance novel, a historical romance novel, contemporary and erotic romance short stories and novella’s – all genres with aspects or elements that I believe can be found in Shadow of the Vampire in one way or the other.

BbPR-You really torture some of your characters in this book. Are any of them based on real people?

Meagan-LOL! I could tell you, but then I’d have to break out the flogger. ;)

BbPR-There are so many different amazing characters in your book Shadow of the Vampire, are you going to make this a series? If so, do you know how many you have planned?

Meagan-Aww, thank you! All of these characters are so real and vivid to me, I’m glad they are resonating with others too. And yes, that is the plan. I have three novella’s set in this world coming out from Harlequin Nocturne Bites. Kestrel and Doc’s story is up first in DRAGON WARRIOR. Then I have VAMPIRE IN HER MYSTS coming out next, which is Yuri’s story. And I just turned in one based on a rogue vampire soldier that takes place during the timeline of book 2.

BbPR-What do you have for us for upcoming books?

Meagan-Falcon, Tallon and Griffon are up next – but I’m not saying who is with whom just yet. I even have an outline for Ash if they want me to keep going.

BbPR-Why did you become a writer?

Meagan-Some days I have no idea. *smiles* Honestly, I’ve always written. I loved to write stories and even wrote a young adult romance when I was in high school. But I had more of a passion for dance than the written word back then and ended up going to college as a dance major. It wasn’t until after I had my kids and was a stay at home mom that I picked up the pen again. I wrote my fantasy romance novel in a notebook while lying on the floor next to my infant son.

BbPR-Who are your favorite authors that inspire you the most?

Meagan-Everybody who has the passion and drive to pick up the pen and write - published or not - inspires me on a day to day basis. When it comes to my favorite writers, wow - I have so many auto-buy authors: Angela Knight, Gena Showalter, Lori Devoti, Ann Voss Peterson, Eden Bradley, Kresley Cole, Shari Anton… Now, finding the time to read all of them is another story. My to-be-read bookshelves are overflowing (yes, I said bookshelves, not stacks or piles.) I also have many great books by great new-to-me authors I can’t wait to discover. I won’t even tell you who some of these new-to-me authors are, it’s embarrassing! I catch flack from friends all the time for being so behind.

BbPR-What do you enjoy doing when your not writing?

Meagan-I teach seven Zumba & Zumba Toning classes a week right now. I love dancing, hanging out with my gals and shakin’ it to great music – it’s therapy! I also love being with my kids, doing fun things with them whether it’s a movie, a concert or a board game at home. They are wonderful little people I very much enjoy getting to know as they grow and become little adults.

BbPR-Anything else you would like to add?

Meagan-Just a huge thank you for taking the time to read and review the book! And another huge thank you for having me here today and to everyone reading.  If you’d like more information about me, my books, fun extras, excerpts, contests, links, promo items, signed bookplates or if you would like to join my newsletter or street team, check out my website – Also, please feel free to email me at and let me know what you think of Declan and Alexia or any of my characters. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Thank you so much Meagan!!

For more information on Meagan and her books click here

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