Monday, June 28, 2010

And in This Corner: The e-Reader War

So... both Kindle and Barnes and Noble's nook have slashed their prices, and just in time for my birthday this week. I've been dying for an e-reader, but now I'm more confused than ever. Many of you must be in the same boat as I am: trying to figure out which is the better e-reader for my needs.

Love the fact that nook has a replaceable battery and allows for extra memory. But when I went to play with one in the store, I wasn't sure if I liked the way the screen flashes when you turn the page. Maybe I'd get used to it, though, but I've never seen a Kindle (which is about an ounce lighter, and thinner) in person, so I'm not sure if its page turn function is any clearer.

Then there's nook's touch-screen versus Kindle's buttons, but I was able to figure out how to navigate nook pretty quickly. Of course, it's this touch-screen that limits battery life.

I like how the non-glare screen looks, so I don't think eye-strain will be a problem, and I'm pretty sure that's the same for both brands.

I'd be interested in the 3G+WiFi nook, and I hear that the selection of books is actually greater through B+N than Amazon. But the Kindle, having been around for longer, is probably less buggy, right? But do you have to send the thing back into amazon if the battery dies? Is B+N support any better than theirs? Do I REALLY need more than 2G of storage? And what about transferring pdf files from my pc?

These are the questions I've been mulling over all weekend. I'd love to hear from anyone who has either, or any other e-book.

Bring it!


~Be sure to tune in tomorrow, when I'll announce a Special Birthday Giveaway!~

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