Sunday, June 13, 2010

In my mailbox (#5)

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Ok so I have been saving back while I was sick I didn't do my in my mailbox post so I going to to do it all in this post. I just want to make sure you dont think I lost it and went hog wild LOL

Bought new

Gena Showalter
the Darkest Passion and into the Dark
Lynn Viehl Dreamveil

The top two I got for free at the bloodlust club (thanks Jill)the one on the bottom should be in the top picture.

Elsabeth Naugthon- Marked
Sandra Hill The very little viking
Liz Maverick Crimson and Steam

Now the rest I bought used at Bettie's I have to keep Kim open;)

Jennifer Ashely
Perils of the heart
The pirate hunter
The care and feeding of pirates
Johanna Lindsey- A pirates love
Shelly laurenston -The Mane event
Tracy wolff Full- Exposure
Sasha white- My prerogative
Rhyannon Byrd -Triple play
Maya Banks Sweet Temptation
Jaci Buton- Riding on Instinct

Mary Janice Davidson all three Swimming without a net, Sleeping with the Fishes and Fish out of Water
Casey Daniels Tombs of Endearment and Dead Man talking
Angie Fox- A Tale of Two Demon Slayers

I know this is not a book, but I'm so happy I got this. To tell you the truth I like it better then the books, oops did I say that? LOL. This is a fun game if you have never played sims dont go out and just buy this one, you have to have the base game first which is Sims 3 then add form there. I was a ghost hunter while I was sick it keep me going. The next expansion pack game is Sex in the City cant wait..

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